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I currently play on android tablet got more interested in the game than I thought I would and want to play on Apple phone as well, my problem is when I sign out on tablet and sign in on phone I’m told the game has not been saved and to go back and sign in on other device to save it is it worth playing on two devices? And doesn’t the game save its self automatically when you sign out I don’t want to risk loosing anything. Thanks in advance for any replies


  • It is possible to play the game on more than one device, you just need to be careful when swapping from one to the other. I would advise ‘synchronising’ your game after every time you play, by going to Krustyland or the friends screen and then back to your town. You should see the synchronise message appear near the bottom of your screen.
    When logging into your town, warning messages appear:
    Click 'Play now'
    Click 'Continue'
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  • Hi

    This is a pet peeve of mine. When you exit a game it should ask you if you want to save. I get it, with mobile devices, it takes time to save and if you re-open frequently, the game can easily read cache to get back up to speed since it doesn't need to save on every exit. But it should ask.

    Anyway, visit your Neighboreenos then exit. Then re-load, and when it says "tap to continue." Don't! hit the power button, and move to your tablet. I only play on Android, so I am not sure if this'll work for Apple shaped objects, YMMV.

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