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Event Brainstorm

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Some time over a year ago, I mentioned that I'd love if we got a mobster/casino event. Those request along with deadshots recommendation of the calabresi came into the game. It's naive to say EA completely ignores the fan base discussions.

This thread topic is for gathering collective ideas on the type of event you would like to see. It's for presenting ideas that expand beyond what we are used to. Feel free to share and please remain on topic within recommendation.


  • simpsonare
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    Maybe a arcade comes to Springfield type of event... or within a event... featuring a new arcade building. With this there will be no timed income. You can tap on the building and it will have a number of mini games. Sort of like the weather station except it launches a mini game. And then these games will include things like... Whack a mole, maybe a racing game with a track. Automatically drives and get ahead without wrecking. Tap on left side for left... tap on right side for right. Possibly a brick blaster type of mini also.
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  • siusiak32123
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    Maybe The Springfield Files Mini Event :smiley:
    And this amazing Turtle :smiley:
    And animated job for Hans Moleman

  • Castiel19x
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    Thought there was another event inbound. :(
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • I don’t know if it’d tie in to an episode but I’d like to see a roadworks and building construction event.

    It could include machinery, cranes and overpasses.
  • ldavidgr68
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    I've been saying these for years: I want a Simpsons' Movie Event! They have been releasing content from the movie but there are still a lot of potential.

    The other one that I want is a 22 Short Films About Springfield event where you should log in and do some tasks for 22 days and in every each of them you win a price (item, skin, tasks,building) from the episode.
  • Chris60119
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    An event that circles all around bridges. Bridges that we can actually put over rivers!
  • More whacking day!
  • johncolombo
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    More whacking day!

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  • aabcampos
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    More Springfiled Heights
    I really need that land.
  • Character-centric events for people who haven't received the Tapped Out spotlight yet. A Moe event, a Ned event, a Marge event, or a major Krusty event.
  • aabcampos wrote: »
    More Springfiled Heights
    I really need that land.
    aabcampos wrote: »
    More Springfiled Heights
    I really need that land.

    I could not agree more! Especially after those disastrous tokens!
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