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Finding items in main land

Is there a way to find where items in the main land are (ie building, decorations)?


  • Have you tried nuking ?
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • KrustyBrand
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    Castiel19x wrote: »
    Have you tried nuking ?
    Good answer.

  • Willy9292
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    @deekaun There is no feature to search for items. Those of us with large towns frequently lose them. If you access the build/edit menu ( 4 way yellow arrows ) you can ghost different categories of items like roads, people, buildings, monorail. This can help.

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  • Thanks for the reply. I found what I was looking for.
  • hbird999
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    Well you should tell Bono he still hasn’t found what he is looking for
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