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Probleme mit dem furniture shop

Hallo zusammen,

Ich habe bei dem furniture shop folgendes Problem.

Trotz der Freischaltung sämtlicher Charaktere kann ich lediglich 50 Sofas herstellen. Selbiges Problem habe ich im coffee Shop ebenfalls sämtliche Charaktere freigeschaltet und nur 100 Kaffee sind möglich.

Bitte um Rückmeldung und Behebung des Fehlers.

Bitte die weiteren Shops mit prüfen

Vielen Dank im voraus.

Mfg Christoph


  • Annathewicked
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    Hi, This is an English forum - likely, any EA people might not be able to read this- might help your cause to translate so we understand here :)
    PM me- I DO need Good Neighboreenos currently
  • I'll Google that...
    "Hello everybody,
    I have the following problem with the furniture shop.
    Despite the activation of all characters, I can only make 50 sofas. The same problem I have in the coffee shop also unlocked all characters and only 100 coffee are possible.
    Request for feedback and correction of the error.
    Please check the other shops
    Thanks in advance.
    Mfg Christoph"

    It sounds like Christoph has unlocked all the characters (not assuming the premium 8hr guys), but his furniture capacity did not increase. It's been so long since I did this that I can't remember how it plays out.

    Back to the Google ...

    You have to unlock them all in the Shøp (not just in hanging around in your town). Once you get Flanders, you get cap of 50. Then you need Lovejoy for a cap of 100. Finally get Luigi for a cap of 200.

    All this according to TSTO Addicts (https://tstoaddicts.com/2015/07/24/springfield-heights-101-furniture-coffee-shop/)

    If you have done the above, and still don't have the full capacity, time to brave customer support.

    All the best, to you.
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