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Dear EA: Please Let Me Give You Money To Increase The Decoration Limit In My Town



  • Day 12: Still no word from the good folks at EA, but I'm sure the wheels are in motion. In the meantime, I've got a lot on my plate. Being a paperboy is much more difficult than it I remember.
    5 days at my new job and I'm barely breaking even - have had to pay for multiple broken windows as well as my own medical costs. 'Tis but a minor setback; I'm certain I will come out ahead by the time EA makes good on my request.

    Did ya hear that devs? I'm not giving up: risking life and limb to get you this cash, so don't let me down!
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  • Day 16 (or 17, check local listings):

    Excited to report progression on two fronts this evening:

    1. I feel I've earned enough extra cash to pay for this request, so with a heavy heart, have tendered my resignation with The Daily Sun. Over the last nine days as one of their most diligent newspaper carriers, I've met a lot of great people and made friendships that will last a lifetime, but most importantly: $112.74 for EA. *Honestly not sure where's we'll end up in negotiations, but it felt like a good number*

    2. Have caught the eye of one of the great people at Electronic Arts:

    Got a random friend request today over the Origin network. Obviously this is someone at EA (maybe a game developer/tester or even a curious EA executive?) doing some recon . . . they've got to check my story to be sure I'm not frivolous with my decos, I can only assume.

    Sure, I would've appreciated a more direct approach (perhaps a PM here, *wink*), but the good folks at EA work in mysterious ways. I'm sure we can work this out. After all, it only took @ehoffa21 a few weeks to get that dirt he requested, right?

    And he didn't even offer up a hundred bucks for it!
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  • moxxee
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    I'll sign the petition.
  • Listen, @moxxee. This is a serious request, there is no petition to be signed. Show your support in the form of cold hard cash and EA is sure to listen.

    We shall not be mocked nor made to look the fool(s). I can do that just fine on my own, thank you very much.
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  • ZennGlenn
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    edited February 2017
    >:) Full support here via whatever valuables I may 'obtain' >:)
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  • Ya see, mox ^ ^ ^

    @ZennGlenn has a grasp on the actual importance of this thread. He (from what I can surmise) is gonna go out and sell various family heirlooms to raise capital for the good folks at EA. It's a necessary evil, but one we must embrace and accept.

    In the end I anticipate no less than 50,000 tappers happily offering $100 each to raise the deco limit in their respective towns. This translates into an easy 5 million in cash for EA. I call that a "no-brainer" for all parties.

    Look EA, it's basic math. The made up numbers don't lie. Take the deal @SarahHhEA
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  • Day 24: So I did a little research into @ehoffa21's dirt thread (Give us Dirt/New Ground Cover) and it appears to have taken slightly longer than I recall for his dreams to be realized. I am less optimistic than I was a few weeks ago and although I have not received the groundswell of support I anticipated from my fellow forum members nor have made firsthand contact with the good folks at EA, I shall cannot abdicate.

    Perhaps the devs just need an inspirational quote for motivation:
    I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being; let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. -- Etienne de Grellet, Quaker Missionary

    EA, please show some kindness and do not neglect. I believe in you.
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  • @sandwedgeking For what it's worth, I'm on board. With the amount of real money I've thrown at this game, the devs are probably sipping on dry martinis contemplating your request ;)
    You got a great looking town~168sean... Checked out your town, WOW! ~daved
  • JNR13
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    in case you haven't noticed yet: placing objects as a group from the new Group Storage is always possible, even over the item limit. So design the first 10k, store it in as big chunks as the selection tool allows, place 10k objects again, then pull the first 10k from storage and boom, 20k objects in town (provided it doesn't blow up together with your device before).
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