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How many land tokens did you get?


  • mystery2mi
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    edited May 2018
    Briscowins wrote: »
    How many do you get if you had ALL KL land plots?

    Last night, I bought all remaining plots of land in Krustyland. Today after updating, I received exactly 100 land tokens. I believe that is the maximum. I now have 101 tokens, one I had saved from before.
  • 101 here
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  • I got 90 and I'm almost certain I had all the KL land??
    Oh well happy to get 90!!
  • How do you see how many land tokens you have? I don't think I've ever used one since the game started awarding them.
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  • mystery2mi
    2359 posts Member
    How do you see how many land tokens you have? I don't think I've ever used one since the game started awarding them.

    Go into edit mode and select an available plot of land. It will tell you how many land tokens you have.
  • jmlgg
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    edited May 2018
    30... but I couldn’t wait longer >:)
  • Is the it change 1 for 1? There's 100 KL land plots. I'm a little over a dozen shy. But i see someone didn't have all the KL plots and got the full max 100 land tokens for SF
  • I wasn't aware that we got free land tokens, thought it was a glitch and randomly opened 31 in straight fekin line lol not happy
  • I just bought 94 KL spaces, spending about 230,000 tickets of the about 300,000 tickets I had.

    (Did anyone buy more than 94 spaces today?)

    I was hoping to stay with just 6 KL spaces until the end of time, but oh well.

    Hopefully I can keep things as compact when I try to move things over.


    Five star Krusty land on six squares of land? That’s impressive!

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  • p3bowman
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    Dang it. I only got 70.
  • 101 with all land
  • p3bowman wrote: »
    Dang it. I only got 70.

    Only got 70?? I only got 30 :'(
  • 101....still not enough to get all the land available
  • 101....still not enough to get all the land available

    This wouldn't bother me if the new land had been parallel to the mountains, but because it's perpendicular, and I haven't got enough to buy it all, I can't move my tall buildings/decs to the edge yet :(
  • I only got 20 land tokens. I had almost 500,000 KL tickets that I traded in for cash because I didn’t read the forum first to know that I should have bought KL land instead. I am really really short on land in my SF now. Been playing since 2014 and never cared much for KL. Bummer. :#
  • I got 101. Still need a lot of land tokens with all the new space they opened! About 125 more! Egad, this will take a year or longer at the rate they give us land tokens.
  • bluntcard
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  • 101! This is going to make such a difference in my Springfield. I was already running out of space and this new event is going to have a lot of items (In addition to the Krustyland items that are now being added)
  • Jonalinn
    1817 posts Member
    I had all available land in KL. I received 100 free land tickets.
    You got a great looking town~168sean... Checked out your town, WOW! ~daved
  • empathy77
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