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What Changed With the Itchy & Scratchy Land Updates? (6/12)

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June 12th Update (Itchy & Scratchy Land Patch 3)
  • Injury 500, Log Ride and Zoominator images and animations were further fixed.
  • A text for hiding ride animations, "Turn ride animation on/off", was added but not yet implemented.
  • Marge's Complain About Ticket Prices, Princess Penelope's Great Park Goers, Krusty's Recover From a Small Heart Attack and Count Money, Homer's Go to Krustyland and Find Last R.O.S.A. Part A.S.A.P. jobs were fixed and now correctly locate at Krustyland Entrance.
  • Act 2 and 3's Event Guides were changed to match the new images and animations of log Ride and Zoominator, switching Homer and Cletus' positions too.
June 6th Update (4.33.1; Itchy & Scratchy Land Patch 1)
  • Injury 500, Log Ride and Zoominator images and animations were fixed.
  • Staff Rides jobs now animate Injury 500, Log Ride and Zoominator.
  • Peter D'Abbruzio, Alaska Nebraska, Rappin' Bart and Rockin' Otto can now perform without the stages during their questline.
May 30th Update (4.33.0; Itchy & Scratchy Land)
  • The app icon, the splash screen and the friend visit's icon were changed to new ones for the event.
  • A new music has been added in the background.
  • The town center was set to Itchy & Scratchy Land Gate.
  • Event Daily Challenges were added.
  • 7 columns of Land Expansions were added.
  • The previously shaded and not working Mountains have been unlocked.
  • The decorations limit was increased to 11,500.
  • Quinn Hopper was added to the Premium Characters and Premium Female character groups.
  • Dolph, Rod and Todd were added to the Regular Male character group.
  • Jimbo, Wendell Borton, Erik, Jeremy Jailbird, Pita, Peta, Stradivarius Cain, Wayne Slater, Agent Bont and J. Rigellian Christ were added to the Premium Male character group.
  • Pyro, Nick Delacourt, Peter D'Abbruzio, Greystash, Evil Shopkeeper, Unicorn Wizard, Count Dracula and Snow Monster were added to the Regular Characters, Regular Male and Adult character groups.
  • Mountain Man, Ice Bishop of Beverly Hills, Larry, Sam and Space Mutant were added to the Premium Male and Adult character groups.
  • Space Coyote, Bleeding Gums Murphy, Freddy Freeman, Shredder Stevens, Leon Kompowsky, L.T. Smash, Rachel Jordan, Alcatraaaz, Jacques, Adil Hoxha, Doug, Benjamin, Gary and The Great Raymondo were added to the Premium Characters, Premium Male and Adult character groups.
  • Russ Cargill was added to the Premium Characters, Premium Male, Adult and Villains character groups.
  • Femme Fatale was added to the Premium Characters, Premium Female, Adult and Villains character groups.
  • Lord Montymort and Slithers were added to the Regular Characters, Regular Male, Adult and Villains character groups.
  • Greta Wolfcastle was added to the Premium Female character group.
  • Alaska Nebraska was added to the Regular Characters, Regular Female and Youngster character groups.
  • Angelica Button was added tot he Regular Characters and Regular Female character groups.
  • Gautama Buddha was added to the Regular Male and Adult character groups.
  • Brendan Beiderbecke was added to the Regular Characters, Regular Male and Youngster character groups.
  • Plum Tree was added to the Trees decoration group.
  • Itchy & Scratchy Bot is now ignored by the Town Hall census.
  • Hibbert Family Practice and Burns Manor unlock requirement were restored.
  • Bart's Treehouse now requires only Level 5 to be bought.
  • Chances for items to be won from Scratch-R's, Springfield Downs and Mystery Boxes are now shown in an info box by tapping the question mark.
  • A new Buildings group was added, Bars: Moe's Tavern, O'Flanagan's Pub, Little Black Box, Moe's Express, Canadian Crossing, The Gridiron, One Night Stan's, Moe's Brewing Co., She-She Lounge, Town Plaza and Eski-Moe's.
  • A new Character group was added, Republicans: Chalmers, Mr. Burns, Krusty, Ned, Grampa, Fat Tony, Dr. Hibbert, Lenny, The Rich Texan, Helen Lovejoy, Lurleen, Blue Haired Lawyer, Birch Barlow, Lindsey Naegle, Cookie Kwan, Sideshow Bob, Count Dracula, Wolfcastle, Mr. Constington and Ronald Reagan.
  • During Donut Rain, other scripts can now run at the same time. A Donut Rain will start once the event is started during the Donut Day 2018 time.
  • Bort was added to the characters that can Moonbounce.
  • Pyro's Perform Stunts job animation was fixed.
  • Building Sungazer Studio now lasts 6s, yields 80 XP and its task is now premium.
  • Manager Cletus no longer auto consumes upon placing Cletus' Monster Truck.
  • Cletus' Monster Truck now yields 2.75% of Bonus $ and XP.
  • Peter D'Abbruzio, Alaska Nebraska and Manager Cletus's jobs are now premium.
  • One Night Stan's now has a task: Regretting Last Night.
  • Mexican Duffman's job Promote Duff Sangre De Muertos is now done at Duff Brewery.
  • Flipped Tailgate's animation was fixed.
  • The job Dance the Señor Burns now requires Señor Burns to be started.
Krustyland Nuking Changes
  • From 5/30 to 6/4, users were able to either store or nuke Krustyland. On 6/4, Krustyland was automatically destroyed and removed from the game.
  • Items not stored before the nuking are placed individually in the inventory and can be placed in Springfield at any time.
  • Players received Land Tokens based on the Krustyland land unlocked at the time it is nuked.
  • 9 plots of land were unlocked for free.
  • All Krustyland items can now be placed in Springfield.
  • Krustyland Entrance was split into multiple new items: Krustyland Entrance, Sideshow Mel Corner, Itchy Scratchy Corner, Tall Shrub (x3), Krustyland Turnstile, Krustyland Wall and Crosswalk.
  • Krustyland's Highway was added to the store.
  • Krustyland visitors now roam Springfield.
  • Krustyland Road can now be placed in Springfield.
  • An inventory category for Krustyland items was added.
  • The Daily Challenge "Collect Krustyland Tickets" was changed to "Tap Krustyland Visitors to collect Krustyland Tickets". Tapping on it brings the user to a Krustyland Visitor. If none are present a message will popup notifying none are present in town.
  • Jobs that were doable only in Krustyland are now done in Springfield, and still reward Krustyland Tickets.
  • A menu to buy Krustyland items was added to regular Springfield.
  • Easter 2014's bunnies now avoid Krustyland Path too. The bunny that appeared on Krustyland can no longer go to it, while a different one now can.
  • Some items can now be placed on Krustyland Path: Stunt Bike, Rose Bush, Valentine's Tree, Love Planter, Rose Arch, Valentine's Pond, Cherub Topiary, Easter Fence, Pastel Picket Fence, Easter Gate, Easter Tree, Big **** Skinner Balloon, Tunnel of Love, Love Bench, Lovely Fence, Lovely Lamp Post, Lovely Flower Cart, Cherub Bird Bath, Valentine's Balloons, Lovely Gazebo, Fountain of Love, Krustyland's Fleet-a-Pita, Medieval Banner 1, Medieval Banner 2, Medieval Banner 3, Barbarian Statue, Hot Air Balloon, Hay Cart, Stock, Catapult, Flaming Torch, Windmill, Oktoberfest Gate, Rainbow Flag, Pride Billboard, Blue Knight Nerd, Blue Mage Nerd, Blue Rogue Nerd, Blue Warrior Nerd, Red Knight Nerd, Red Mage Nerd, Red Rogue Nerd, Red Warrior Nerd, Itchy & Scratchy Billboard, Dizzy Duff Topiary, Edgy Duff Topiary, Remorseful Duff Topiary, Surly Duff Topiary, Queasy Duff Topiary, Tipsy Duff Topiary, Sleazy Duff Topiary, Bumblebee Man's Tacos, EPA Truck, Secret Agent Car, Manhole Station, Green Beer Fountain, Bart Balloon and Destroyed Holiday Wheel.
  • Krustyland Debris are now buyable in store, can be stored and yield 10 points in Kitsch.
  • Laffy Meal, Krusty Fountain, Itchy Mascot and Scratchy Mascot are no longer available in the store.
  • Krustyland Entrance now has a button to show the Krust-O-Meter and its items were separated into multiple pieces and placed in inventory.
  • Krustyland Shuttles can now teleport between each other.
  • In The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 1, the objective to Go to Krustyland was removed. Lisa and Krusty's final messages were removed.
  • In The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 2, Homer's job to Clean Up Krustyland was changed to Clean up Krustyland Shuttle.
  • In The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 6, 7, 8, 12, 19, 26 and 33, the System Messages were removed.
  • In The Krusty-est Place On Earth Pt. 9, the objective to Buy a Land Expansion was changed from buying one in Krustyland to buying one in Springfield. The quest awards one Free Land Token.
  • In The End of the Beginning Pt. 18, the job to Go to Krustyland was removed.
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