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My neighbors are gone

73 posts Member
All my neighbors are gone! All I have left is other Springfield


  • Did you try restarting your phone?
  • oubouncer
    519 posts Member
    Same here
  • nato1013
    20 posts Member
    I'm having the same problem!
  • My neighbors are all gone too!!! ****!!!!!!
  • tammyagnt
    1 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    Ugh no neighbors!!!!
  • hbird999
    73 posts Member
    I thought I was a good neighbor no loud music no late parties but I guess not they all left anyway
  • Efat417
    10 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    might just be becuase they are down right now. I couldnt get in 30 mins ago, it wouldnt say why just had to relogin and it didnt let me, and now it cant connect to the server.

    down detector is also saying Origin is down so they should be back once this problem is fixed


    Origins is now back up but so things should start working soon
  • Even the Facebook ones? I noticed everyone was gone, signed in to Facebook, because I was logged out. I restarted the game and now those ones are gone, but I'm still logged in.
  • empathy77
    4194 posts Member
    I came here to post the same thing.

    I could not get on for hours, I finally do and my town is normal.

    I go do a neighbor run and they are all gone.

    What gives EA?
  • There back!!!!
  • stingray1122
    8717 posts Member
    edited June 2018
    I had the same issue. After the closing the game and reopening it my neighbors came back.
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