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Injury 500 Race, Log Ride & Zoominator - keeping them out after event?


Like in past events some players don't like some of the contents (decoration or buildings) and would store certain ones after the event is over.

In this event, is anyone going to keep all 3 rides (Race, Log Ride & Zoominator) or only 2 of them out or 1 of them out or none of them out?

I'll probably keep the Injury 500 Race & Log Ride out and store the Zoominator.

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  • All going to storage. Too big, too many pieces, and it slows the game down too much. I know you can disconnect them, but why bother? If I put somethinh out, I want it to work as it should
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  • I usually try to use everything but all of these will go to storage
  • Keeping the log ride for sure, probably keeping the zoominator, and definitely stashing theInjury500. Can’t stand that thing.
  • niahunt
    317 posts Member
    Keeping the log ride & Zoominator...can’t wait to store the injury500,really dislike it.
  • Razor049
    160 posts Member
    I'm keeping all three out. I happen to like my design and it fits well where I have it.
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  • rw228
    1057 posts Member
    If I can fit them into itchy and scratchy land area I am going to keep them out.
  • OhHappyJays
    1634 posts Member
    I can't stand the ugly graphical glitches associated with the Injury 500; permanent storage for that after the event.

    Log Ride; kind of boring looking as a ride, okay scenery; may stay out.

    Zoominator; pieces are too big, and it's kind of meh looking; storage.
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  • Willy9292
    1663 posts Member
    I will probably keep them all out. I can run all 3 without lag and am redesigning to hide multiplier items. I will be downsizing the race track though as its just too big and most of the animation is hidden by the covered pieces.
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  • jaythecanadian
    637 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    Apparently for now....you can store the track pieces but can't store the main piece (with the sign) for all 3. I guess that those 3 main piece can't be stored until the event is over too.
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  • stevieort
    605 posts Member
    I've already reduced the sizes of all three elements, while still being able to maintain the maximum bonus for event currency. I'll likely keep everything as for the most part I was able to recreate my Krustyland (which I had spent a LOOONG time putting together the first time).

    I am going to reduce the big Itchy and Scratchy lots from four down to two, and in their place set up my Krustyland Hotel, which is currently in Group Storage.
  • All going into storage
  • I definitely will be. I only ever store Christmas decorations as I believe it may be bad luck to keep them out after Christmas.

    Personally I'm not a fan of the Zoominator as it is so awkward to expand with new pieces. I've ended up having to place mine outside the bonus zone and miss out on extra event currency as I couldn't find any other way to fit the pieces together without running out of room in my park. Even the way I have it at the moment I'm not sure if I'm even going to be able to complete it with pieces that go together so I can see the ride animation.
  • mystery2mi
    2357 posts Member
    I have it pretty much designed how I want it, so will probably keep it all out for now but as soon as I need more land they will all be on the removal list.
  • The rollercoaster fans are the only craftable I'm interested in.
  • bluntcard
    3879 posts Member
    Storage. Great idea, poor execution.
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  • I'm thinking I'll keep the Log ride out, I enjoy the simpsons riding it lol. Other two will probably land in storage.
  • sjsebayacc131
    2074 posts Member
    edited July 2018
    I'll store the Injury 500 and keep the other 2 out.
  • cdepast
    2463 posts Member
    I cant wait to start re designing my krusty land with all the new items. nothing will go in storage.
  • 4junk3000
    5340 posts Member
    Before you go storing because of lag, wait until event ends, and the "teal zone" is eliminated. The lag may be because of the calculation of the bonus multiplier that's currently in effect.

    I'm suggesting this because I'm not experiencing lag while visiting neighbors with their functional rides. So I'm hoping for an improvement in a few days.

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  • frosted1414
    2495 posts Member
    I agree with @4junk3000 that the lag caused by the rides will probably go away after the event. But I'm not sure I like them enough to keep them all out :smile:
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