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Wiggum House / Blue House

markfcs wrote:
Sorry if this has been mentioned before (I did do a search but didn't find anything), but has anyone else noticed how the Wiggum House is just a Blue House with a different paint job and slightly taller garage? Combined with the 'standard definition' Ralph, pretty poor job by EA! Hopefully Carl and Lenny are in HD!

Could just be traditionally similar? Good point though, a lazy building is better than no building though!


  • Mjr1124
    654 posts
    edited March 2013
    No chimney on the wiggum house either.
  • MarkFCS
    47 posts
    edited March 2013
    Identical windows, door, plants, even the outdoor tap and wheelie bins! Kinda feels like Ralph was rushed into the game. I maintain he'd have been a better Valentines Premium than Shauna, or part of the task progression particular given the addition of the 'I choo-choo-choose you' train.
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