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Tip for double currency with the animal feed house

This might of been discussed, but for those who bought the animal feed house that you can tap every 4 hours and it clears all the zoo people and frogs. If you clear out all the people and frogs first and get the no more people to tap pop up then press the feed house when your town is clear. You will get full currency like your town was completely full of frogs and people. So basically you can double your currency every four hours. I hope this makes sense.


  • Here it is :)
    Nice tip!
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  • chadstraus97
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    Is this working for anyone or did this get patched? I tapped all of the people and frogs one by one. Then I clicked on the feed house and it said there was nothing to clear. I kept repeatedly clicking on the feed house again and again and kept getting the same message with no extra currency. Did I do something wrong?
  • I tried it too, didn't work for me either "there are no more zoo visitors or invasive tadpoles to clear. Come back later". If this ist still working for you Chris60119, nice one! B)
  • Ive seen it work for me a couple times. I never try and do it each time, but there has been a couple times when I was designing my town and had everything tapped and then hit the button and I know it worked for sure.
  • When you manually clear the sign saying there are no more will pop up when there are no more visitors. However you could till have frogs that may have been missed. I know it says both but when you do it manually the sign will appear when your out of visitors only. The animal feeding will clear both visitors and frogs tho. Perhaps that could be it.
  • The announcement banner will display when you tap every wandering character.

    But when you tap the pile of meat icon, you're collecting the characters in your RESERVE, that have been allotted to you for the four hour period, which have not yet been released into your town.

    That's how it usually works anyway. So you'd have to confirm your getting more than what is released in total, every four hours. That amount was published in the FAQ idk what it is. I don't count, i just tap.
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