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Pokémon Go anyone?

My 8 year old has gotten my 15 year old and I into the game. We enjoy it because somehow in my small, out of the way town, we have 2 stops and a gym. However, we don’t know anyone else who plays. We need to make 3 new friends to move on in a quest line. If anyone plays and is willing to friend us, send me a message. I figured if anyone in this TSTO community played, I would rather friend you guys than random unknowns found on a Pokémon community. Thanks!


  • daved7637397
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    edited August 2018
    Good idea. We have a much higher quality of random unknowns around here! :D:D

    In all seriousness, good luck to you. I used thw same method a few weeks ago to find friends for a golf game I play.
    I do not accept unsolicited friend requests! PM me and say hi first.
  • I told my older son that I have lurked and posted here for a few years and almost everyone I have communicated with seems like a good person wanting to help others.

    Then I recommended he nuke his town, that always seems to work...
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