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Jobs still available - Springfield Zoo

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My town still says that jobs are available in Springfield Zoo, but I have sent everyone on the relevant tasks.

I saw a previous thread where people weren't scrolling down to access the other buildings, but as of act 3 I've made sure all 5 available buildings have had people sent to them to do the tasks.

Any ideas?
It's bugging my mild OCD!


  • It's because you haven't won mad doctor hibbert yet :)
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  • gbh4
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    Ah ok, many thanks. Should have him in a few days hopefully!
  • No worries it was driving me nuts too! :D
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  • If you send hibbert on a job the job icon will go away. Tested it this morning. So it is him causing it.
  • This was driving me crazy! It is definitely Dr. Hibbert. Thank you for comment.
  • I thought it was because I had an upgrade available but was holding up to upgrade something else.
  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited September 2018
    Now it's the reverse. Hibbert quest part 5 is completed and says so but it won't progress and his avatar has the red "blocked" icon for when you're not able to task someone with a job. Uhhhhh, yeah, because the job is done already. That's a first. [ Fixed with synching ]
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