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Donuts going missing?



  • Now it seems that after... *rustling through calendar pages* uh, three months, the bug has gone on an extended vacation for me. I don't know why. I'm starting to miss the excitement of earning only one or two bonuts and knowing that I'd get to keep them, and the disappointment if I earned three. It added a whole new twist to the game.

    I don't have a clue what fixed it. Time, patience, selling my soul, another bug... or maybe that I tested out a hidden feature that came with the bug hoping it would magically fix the issue (buying premium items with d'ohnuts before they vanished).

    Now I don't dare farm bonuts again though. And if anyone from EA should accidentally read this (yeah, of course I know they won't), no, I'm still not buying anything from EA again. :tongue:
  • My problem went away inexplicably on its own too. I noted the longer you rollback your town to, the longer this donut problem will persist. You probably rollbacked to a date quite long ago.
  • Yes, the rollback was also to a point around three months back at the time. This bug is really weird. Probably some anti-tampering mechanism gone wild.
  • Yeah, I was rollbacked to about a month and it took me 18 days for the donut syncing to be back to normal
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