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Poochie's Dog Dayz Mini Event items missing following patch [ 9 / 6 / 2018 ]

Not quite sure how to explain this one. Basically when I woke up this morning, there was a huge patch to the game files that came out of nowhere. Everything seemed okay at first until I started looking around and I discovered that literally everything from the Poochie's Dog Dayz event has been removed. Including things that I spent donuts on. So not only do I no longer have Ms. Scratchy, Disapproving Squirrel, Poochie, and Roy, but I also no longer have the items and buildings they were associated with.


  • abc1939593565
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    I am missing everything from that event also I counted atleast 3 threads in general discussion about the strange patch and missing stuff from the Poochie event. Roger was standing around doing nothing because of it I had to set him on a 1 hour to clear my unemployment office and then spend 2 donuts to clear him after clearing the UEO. This was between 10:30 and 11 eastern time when the patch happened.
  • I had all the Poochie stuff at 0430 and 4 hours later when I reset the event. Then I saw there was a patch between 1030 and 1100 est and after the patch all my Poochie mini event stuff was missing. My son had me log in to check.
  • Same here I've lost all of it
  • The disgruntled goat stand is missing also and it was a teaser item.
  • They reversed the patch (which seem to fix the missing buildings in the oreo os) so your items should have returned
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