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Keeping Zoo or not Keeping Zoo?


I'm sure that most players are keeping their zoo but I wonder....any others not going to keep their zoo for some reason?
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  • I'm keeping my zoo out that's for sure.
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  • Keeping it out. Can’t see the point of putting it in inventory. If I didn’t want it I would’ve skipped the event.
  • Love my zoo :)<3

    I like to keep everything I've won on display.
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  • I think I'm keeping it out; but I'm going to store the duplicate animal enclosures (and additions) I crafted. Shrink my Zoo down, and make it more compact.
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  • Well, since you asked. I'm keeping only the best parts. I'm going to make a little zoo that would be appropriate for my small Springfield. A town of 350 people isn't going to have an enormous zoo. I'll keep a few things and dump all of the weird sh** into storage with 90% of my KL and IS land. :)
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  • Loving the zoo. Definitely going to keep it.
  • keeping zoo in easch town but have already downsized them to half the size of the radius
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  • I've put away a lot of it and will put more away when the event actually ends. I used the free land we were given but that's it. I grew tired of the event, sadly :/

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  • I can't get anything together. Everything I try I don't like.. I'd like a zoo, but just not feeling anything right now
  • I'm going to do a mini zoo, I'm almost at the limit of items and I can not stretch too much because Halloween is almost here.
  • I can see some that are at item limit stowing most? Me, my springfields just a mess. Never recovered from nuking, and cant muster interest in decorating. Just burnt out with the game right now.
  • Going to be storing mine. I feel its unnecessary space.
  • Keeping it. I got plenty of land and I'm going to expand it and organize it. Coolest thing we got in a while IMO
  • Love my zoo. Been wanting this for a long time and I never thought it would be like this. Can’t wait to start designing it. Need some more land
  • I will be keeping the zoo in both of my towns. I love being able to design with the pieces provided and it makes a nice change from having lots of buildings from an event.
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  • I made the great plains into a buffalo paddock in my farming area and it looks really good. Also did a sheep corral.
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  • I will keep everything from the zoo except the Warmongers
  • I'm keeping everything from the zoo. I even like Warmongers. However, I have no idea what to do with all of the aquatic stuff. None of it looks right. The original Wet and Smokey Stunt Show from Krustyland looked better. Maybe it is just me but I might just store it all, at least until I can figure out what to do with it.
  • Def keeping it out. I wish i could add a photo to the gallery but I cant find a good stitch app :(
  • I have an area I designed for the event where we got all the dinosaur stuff. The warmonger stuff fits it there very nicely. Will likely expand that to make a much bigger nature area and probably use some of the decos to expand out desert areas.

    That said, I still have to catch up with designing, haven't designed since last Halloween... :)
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