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First time ever

For the first time ever, I did not complete the event. I could've easily rushed the last prize for not many donuts, and honestly thought we had one more day. Sadly, it is a reflection of my waning interest in the game. I'm certainly not quitting, but after all these years, I have to admit that the thrill is gone.


  • bluntcard
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    The last two events have been long and boring and felt like going to work rather than enjoyment, IMO. I try and stay focused on the reason I play the game, I love my little town and the Simpsons, and I just want new decos to add to it. So finishing isn't important unless you absolutely had to have that last deco. Otherwise, meh.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • ;) Halloween will probably help ;)
  • I bought the teen Homer for 5 donuts in case I pay 100 donuts for him in a future mystery box.
  • well. that's now the only character I won't have. feels strange. my own fault for not paying attention.
  • cdepast wrote: »
    I have to admit that the thrill is gone.

    Maybe you just need to spice things up. Maybe a little Tapping in public? Or why not Tap on a friends device? Or join the mile high Tap club?
  • Just to make sure, I bought teen Homer for 10 donuts. I'm glad I did, otherwise I'd have blown it.
  • I have to agree, my interest in this game is fading. I have almost $1,000,000 and cut buy land I desperately need. Not a whole lot to buy with it. I will be sticking around a bit longer, just don't know how much,,,,, lol. I've spent several years playing, I really hate to quit it, but we will see.
  • Moe's Ark really dragged on for me. The crafting areas are pretty but not useful, meaning my Zoo does nothing except gobble up my item count. I could box it but then I wouldn't have a zoo.

    Everybody was excited for Superheroes but apparently it's so much smaller than last year.
  • I only just managed to get teenage homer, by getting him midday on Tuesday so about 24hrs before the event ended, I actually found all the acts a bit challenging this time by only getting the last prizes about 48hrs before the act ended.
    I did feel with this event that getting the prizes was extremely challenging, it felt like it was asking for such a high amount to get the next prize whereas in the past, amounts didn't seem so high, it kept feeling that playing this game was like having a second job by making sure wherever I was logging in every 4hrs to get my rewards and resetting
    I did enjoy the event and managed to finish my zoo so happy there at least, now onto Halloween,can't wait for that
  • 10 donuts seems reasonable and worth it.
    Gary_A_D wrote: »
    Just to make sure, I bought teen Homer for 10 donuts. I'm glad I did, otherwise I'd have blown it.

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  • I got all the prizes. What I'm annoyed about is that now Dr Hibbert's exhibit is forever missing the last piece. I agree that earning enough currency to get prizes was ridiculously difficult (I got Teenage Homer with an hour to spare) but upgrading was also progressively more expensive. They didn't give us much wiggle room at all in this event and there were a couple days I couldn't log in but once or twice because of RL. Ridiculous that I couldn't continue to upgrade somehow.
  • I got the prizes but I didn't buy the Maggie Skin because none of the prize characters had good quest chains.
  • I finished four days early. What made it easier on me was using all my envasive toads. Really boosted me through this
  • hey electronic arts,
    I have 3 emu experiences. In reality, though, the maximum # of experiences with an emu is 1.
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