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Tips for dealing with the piece of crap that is EA Help?

Hello there,

As I posted in another thread addressing my current game issue (almost all of my content has been missing since the Krustyland update), I am super fed up with EA Help. They have been extremely unhelpful throughout this entire ordeal.
I wish to only use email to contact EA Help. I do not have the time or energy to hold a conversation with a live person (being a college student is rough).
However, I can see no way to reply to a Help email. Replying directly to the email produces a generic "you cannot mail this address" response from the EA bot. Going back to my case only gives me the option to perform a live call or to review their basic Tapped Out help page (which I've already scoured numerous times).
If emailing doesn't work, must I do a live call? Is that really the only option available?

At this point, I just want a rollback to before the Krustyland update. I have nothing to lose; I've barely played since my town got effed up. But even telling them directly that I've tried everything and nothing has worked it still elicits their generic responses.

Is there any way I can expedite getting ahold of a tech support person who can actually help me? I'm tired of talking to low-level peons who keep spitting out possible fixes that I explicitly told them in my email that I've already tried.
I've tried being polite and firm, but I still have gotten no results. I've already submitted a ticket for the exact same issue 7 times!

I just want a rollback; I'm at the point where I'd rather sacrifice my town to hackers than have to deal with the stupid bureaucracy that is EA Help.

So, has anybody else had super irritating ordeals with EA Help? How did you eventually get your issue resolved? How many tries did it take? Did you HAVE to call someone to get it fixed?


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