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Super Powers: Walkthrough

Not Another Superhero Story

Auto starts

Milhouse: Yay! It’s Superhero Update day!!!
Kirk: Uh, bad news, son.
Milhouse: You and Mom are getting re-re-re-divorced?
Kirk: Worse -- there’s no Superhero Update this year.
Milhouse: But... but.. the Superhero Update lets people feel powerful and slightly less asthmatic!
Kirk: I guess after no one saw “Fallout Boy VII: Infinity Endings”, EA figured more superhero stuff would be a waste.
Milhouse: A waste?! I'll show them waste.

Task: Make Milhouse Roll Around in Nuclear Waste
Time: 4h
Location: Control Building

Milhouse: Behold! The radioactive ooze from the Nuclear Plant has given me powers unfathomable!
Bart: Milhouse, you seem different. Did you get a haircut?
Milhouse: Didn't you hear the thing about ooze and powers unfathomable?!
Bart: Pfft, that’s just a retread of a dozen other superhero movies.
Milhouse: This isn't a movie, it's real life!
Bart: With special effects these days, who can tell the difference?

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Price of Power Pt. 1

Auto starts

Milhouse: Hm, Waste Case or Ooze Boy? So hard to know what name to go by.
Jimbo: You should “go buy” me a Squishee with your lunch money, nerd!
Milhouse: I'm not a nerd anymore, Jimbo. I am Waste Case!
Milhouse: ...or Ooze Boy.
Jimbo: Ha! There’s no superhero update this year, Lois Lame!
Milhouse: Oh yeah? I'll render you powerless with just three words: Male Pattern Baldness.
Jimbo: How’d you know what’s under my hat?!
Jimbo: You DO have super powers! Don't hurt me -- I'll do anything!

Task: Make Milhouse Strike Fear in His Enemies
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Search for Radioactive Ooze [x100]

Jimbo: Are you sure this green ooze is gonna cover up my bald spot?
Milhouse: It’ll fix more than that! Slather it on! *cackle*
Lisa: Why is Milhouse bossing Jimbo around? And does he usually cackle so much...?

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Price of Power Pt. 2

Auto starts

Lisa: I hope the unchecked power of ooze doesn't go to Milhouse’s head.
Milhouse: Oops, I missed a spot on my head, better put more ooze on it. I love playing God!!!
Todd: Daddy says playing God is blasphemy.
Rod: He told me to burn in hell after I played God in the Christmas pageant.
Milhouse: I'm not “playing” God. I am God! You wouldn't doubt God, would you??
Todd: Hmm...
Milhouse: I'll also give you candy.
Rod and Todd: Yayyy!

If the user has Rod and Todd: Task: Make Rod and Todd Sell Out God for Powers
Time: 4h
Location: Radioactive Ooze Pit
Requires: Todd
Task: Make Lisa Snoop Around From a Safe Distance
Time: 4h
Location: Radioactive Ooze Pit
Task: Make Milhouse Show-Off
Time: 4h
Location: Radioactive Ooze Pit
Task: Search for Radioactive Ooze [x150]

Rod: Being God is great!
Todd: Don't say that... I'M God!
Milhouse: We're all gods, and we can do whatever we want!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Price of Power Pt. 3

Auto starts

Lisa: They think they're getting powers from nuclear waste. They must be stopped before someone gets hurt!
Lisa: This sounds like a job for... Clobber Girl!
Bart: Too bad there's no superhero update.
Lisa: Oh, right.
Lisa: Then this sounds like a job for...
Lisa: ...regular Lisa.

Task: Make Lisa Hide Ooze in Women’s Room
Time: 4h
Location: Android's Dungeon
Task: Search for Radioactive Ooze [x200]

Lisa: I've hid the ooze in the least-visited place in Springfield: the ladies’ room of the Android's Dungeon.
Lisa: A woman hasn't been in there in... well, ever.
Lisa: We'll see how powerful Milhouse and his goons are without their precious ooze. *cackles*
Lisa: Oh man, I should've peed before I placed a barrel of toxic waste on top of the toilet...

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Price of Power Pt. 4

Auto starts

Lisa: Why’s the Drive-In packed? No one’s been here since they ran Memento backwards and it played in chronological order and people realized it stinks.
Squeaky Voice Attendant: Maybe it’s because of our new jingle:
Squeaky Voice Attendant: *sings* Let's all go to the lobby and trust this maniac!
Lisa: Milhouse is putting the last of his ooze on the popcorn!

Task: Make Lisa Break the Projector at the Stardust Drive-In
Time: 4h
Location: Stardust Drive-In
Task: Search for Radioactive Ooze [x150]

Milhouse: Hey, who turned off “Spider-Man 4: The Teen With Relatable Problems”?
Lisa: I did! You can't give people toxic waste! It’s going to make you sick.
Milhouse: The only “sick” thing is my new badass bald head and green skin.
Lisa: Your hair’s falling out in clumps! Where’d you get more ooze? I hid it.
Comic Book Guy: I’ll field that. My closed-circuit cameras picked up your secret -- and illegal -- hiding place.
Lisa: Speaking of illegal, why do you have cameras in the bathroom?
Comic Book Guy: It’s for security purposes!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Price of Power Pt. 5

Auto starts

Lisa: Bart, I don't know what to do -- Milhouse is mad with power and he won't listen to reason.
Bart: You mean you're jealous he's not hanging on your every word.
Lisa: No... I... okay, fine, maybe it is a little insulting that he's moved on from me, even if it is for superpowers.
Bart: Never thought I'd have to help you win back Milhouse’s affections...
Bart: What you need to do is fight superpower with superpower.
Lisa: I'm not putting that ooze on myself! I have sensitive skin!
Bart: Not YOU -- have Frink bring Everyman to life.

Task: Make Lisa Bring Everyman to Life
Time: 8h
Location: Odin's of Shelbyville
Task: Search for Radioactive Ooze [x500]

Everyman: Yes! I've been brought to life! I've been waiting for the Superhero Update!
Lisa: Uh, there actually isn't one this year. People are sorta burned out on superheroes...
Everyman: Even me? But I was in an episode Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg wrote. Don't they still have cachet?
Bart: I thought your power was absorbing other people's powers, not being super meta.
Everyman: Fine, I'll help, but only to get my name out there again.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Price of Power Pt. 6

Auto starts

Milhouse: Wow, Lisa must be desperate if she turned to you for help.
Milhouse: You don't even have powers of your own, Everyman.
Everyman: Maybe not, but you do know who I am, right?
Milhouse: Yes... is this some sort of superhero mind trick?
Everyman: Uh, yeah, it’s definitely a superhero thing, and not massive insecurity...

Task: Make Everyman Use Power-Absorption Power
Time: 4h
Task: Search for Radioactive Ooze [x450]

Milhouse: No! You took my powers away, I'm just a helpless nerd again! How could you?
Everyman: Get a clue, kid! You never had any powers, none of you did.
Everyman: You all just believed that you had powers. How could you get anything good from collecting radioactive ooze?
Milhouse: So...the power was in us all along?
Everyman: No, this isn't a comic book, you're just delirious from radiation poisoning.

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Mild-mannered Pt. 1

Everyman starts

Everyman: Now that things are back to normal, I want to hang up my cape and live a regular life.
Comic Book Guy: You could stay with me! You could work in the store, and maybe if you wanted, we could do some superhero roleplaying?
Everyman: Let's not make this weird, all right? We're just two adult men whose lives revolve around superheroes.
Comic Book Guy: Sure, I won't make things weird. If you'll excuse me, I need to take down the many, many posters of you in my bedroom.

Task: Reach Level 13 and Place Android's Dungeon
Task: Make Everyman Pack Up His Belongings Almost Immediately
Time: 8h
Location: Android's Dungeon

Comic Book Guy: Why are your things packed up? Is it because there’s termites, and these boxes labeled “Moving” and “Never Coming Back” were the only boxes you could find??
Everyman: Oh, you're here. I was trying to avoid this. Look, you're clearly using me for my fame, so it's time for me to move on.
Comic Book Guy: But what about all the memories!? The fun, the joy, the headshots I made you sign by putting a pen in your hand while you were sleeping?!
Everyman: This is exactly what I mean! You're making me sign an autograph right now! Goodbye!
Comic Book Guy: Worst. Breakup. Ever.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Mild-mannered Pt. 2

Apu starts

Apu: Welcome sir, what can I do for you?
Everyman: I'm trying to start my life over and I wanted to apply for a job.
Apu: Your resume is pretty thin -- I'm not sure what “Superhero” has to do with this job.
Everyman: Well, I used to spend my days dodging bullets and dealing with crooks...
Apu: That is 75% of the job! Turn that cape around to become an apron -- you're hired!

Task: Make Everyman Work at Kwik-E-Mart
Time: 8h
Location: Kwik-E-Mart
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Mild-mannered Pt. 3

Everyman starts

Everyman: The Kwik-E-Mart’s great, but how am I ever going to save up for the American Dream -- a studio apartment and a bus pass?
Squeaky Voice Teen: You think you can get by on just one job?! I have at least twenty.
Raphael: Only twenty?! I've worked every job from postman to delivery guy, taxi driver to chauffeur!
Everyman: I don't think I'm qualified for any other jobs.
Squeaky Voice Teen: I'll put in a squeaky word for you at the Krusty Burger!

Task: Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
Task: Make Everyman Work at Krusty Burger
Time: 8h
Location: Krusty Burger

Everyman: I finished cleaning the fryer, restocking everything...
Everyman: ...cleaning the bathroom, and cooking all of next week's burgers.
Krusty: That explains the complaints I got from your coworkers.
Everyman: I didn't do it right?
Krusty: No, you did it too well -- you made ‘em look bad! I'm docking your pay!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Mild-mannered Pt. 4

Homer starts

Homer: Hey Everyman, why the long, extremely handsome face?
Everyman: The harder I work, the further I fall behind. I'm so ashamed.
Homer: Oh, that. I just drink at Moe's every night to avoid feelings like those...
Homer: ..and to enhance my feelings of knowing which plays football coaches should've called after the fact.
Everyman: Would drinking at Moe’s help me forget my troubles?
Homer: Of course! And to prove it, I'll let you buy the first round!

Task: Reach Level 15 and Build Moe's Tavern
Task: Make Everyman Drink at Moe's
Time: 12h
Location: Moe's Tavern
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Mild-mannered Pt. 5

Bart starts

Bart: Everyman!? Why are you sleeping in an alleyway?
Everyman: Huh? I must have drunk too much at Moe's last night. It doesn't matter, I belong out here in the gutter. I'm a failure.
Bart: A failure? Your drunken, passed-out body just tripped Jailbird after he swiped a purse. You're a hero!
Everyman: Wow, I guess I am! I fulfilled the American Dream -- getting famous for doing nothing!
Everyman: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to fly to every bar in Springfield!
Kent Brockman: It's a bird! It's a plane! It’s... a drunk guy who won't stop telling you the same story over and over. It’s EVERYMAN!

Task: Make Everyman Practice Superhero Landing
Time: 1h
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP


  • Hot Take Pt. 1

    Hot Flash starts

    Hot Flash: Young man, I'll give you a quarter if you run to the store and refill my prescription for me.
    Bart: Yes ma’am, right away!
    Lisa: What gives? Bart usually won't lift a finger for less than a twenty.
    Hot Flash: Young man, I’ll give you a quarter if you run to the store and refill my prescription for me.
    Bart: Yes ma’am, right away!
    Lisa: They just said that! Is there a glitch in the game?
    Lisa: Wait a minute -- she has dementia! Bart is taking advantage of her -- one quarter at a time!

    Task: Make Bart Refill Hot Flash's “Prescription"
    Time: 1h
    Location: Kwik-E-Mart

    Bart: Another refill, please!
    Apu: I tell you, sir, you could save us both a lot of time if you got your free Squishee refills in a cup instead of a pill bottle.
    Bart: The more trips, the better!
    Lisa: What can you even buy with a couple handfuls of quarters?
    Bart: “Buy?!” I'm using the quarters to chuck at cars.
    Bart: Makes a very satisfying “ding”.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Hot Take Pt. 2

    Hot Flash starts

    Hot Flash: I don't think these pills are working the way they used to.
    Hot Flash: Although I don't remember how they used to work...
    Lisa: I don't think you've been taking the right pills.
    Hot Flash: But I feel so energized.
    Lisa: That’s because you just drank a gallon of Squishee, one pill bottle at a time.
    Lisa: Do you remember which pills you're supposed to be taking?
    Hot Flash: Let’s look through my pill organizer -- let me get my back brace so I can pick it up.

    Task: Make Lisa and Hot Flash Sort Through Her Gigantic Pill Organizer
    Time: 4h
    Location: Brown House
    Requires: Lisa
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Hot Take Pt. 3

    Hot Flash starts

    Hot Flash: I never knew pills came in so many colors -- I never knew there were that many colors.
    Lisa: But none of them were the pills you need.
    Hot Flash: If only there was a way to remember where I left them.
    Lisa: Wait a minute -- see if these “Speed Pills” work.

    Task: Make Hot Flash Pop Pills and Go Fast
    Time: 1h

    Lisa: The Speed Pills worked!
    Wiggum: She was going way faster than the speed limit!
    Wiggum: Oh wait, I had the radar gun pointed at myself -- that was just how fast I was chewing.
    Hot Flash: But I still don't remember which pills I'm supposed to take...

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Hot Take Pt. 4

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Okay, Hot Flash, I want you to take a handful of Speed Pills...
    Lisa: If you run extremely fast in the opposite direction as Earth's rotation...
    Lisa: ...you should be able to go back in time and remember which pill you're supposed to take.
    Hot Flash: Isn't that the ending of 1978’s “Superman”, directed by Richard Donner?
    Lisa: Oh, that you can remember, but not where your pills are??
    Lisa: Just take the pills and run!

    Task: Make Hot Flash Run Back to The Present
    Time: 4h
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Hot Take Pt. 5

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Do you remember?!
    Hot Flash: I do! But wait, if I went back in time, wouldn't that change the course of everything, negating the need for--
    Lisa: Just tell me the pills you were supposed to take before you forget again!
    Hot Flash: The pills I was supposed to take are...
    Hot Flash: Speed Pills!

    Task: Make Hot Flash Pop Pills and Go Fast
    Time: 1h

    Lisa: Wow, what an adventure!
    Hot Flash: I agree, it had a way more satisfying ending than “Superman”!
    Hot Flash: Now where's your spiky-haired brother, I want my quarters back!

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    On the Fritz Pt. 1

    Hans Moleman starts

    Iron Lung: I think something’s going on with my suit, doctor.
    Dr. Nick: You're having trouble moving around?
    Iron Lung: No, I AM moving around. I prefer to lie still, much less tiring.
    Dr. Nick: Well I've got the perfect cure for that.
    Dr. Nick: Here’s the card for an Un-physical Therapist.
    Iron Lung: “Dr. Moe Szyslak -- ‘I'll put ya ta sleep real good.” Sounds professional!

    Task: Make Iron Lung See an Un-physical Therapist
    Time: 8h
    Location: Moe's Tavern

    Moe: Awright, drink two of these...
    Iron Lung: ...and call you in the morning?
    Moe: Oh, you ain't gonna see morning for a looong time.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    On the Fritz Pt. 2

    Willie starts

    Willie: Ay, ye look worse than when I wore me kilt to a tornado, and then flashed a bunch of bystanders.
    Iron Lung: I don't feel so good. For some reason that creepy doctor with no medical license didn't help me.
    Iron Lung: There must still be something wrong with my suit.
    Willie: Let me grease myself up and take a look under your hood.

    Task: Make Iron Lung Get His Suit Repaired
    Time: 12h
    Location: Springfield Elementary

    Iron Lung: I don't know what you did, but I feel better than ever!
    Iron Lung: I can even mulch leaves!
    Willie: Why stop at leaves? You could mulch Skinner if you wanted to. I wouldn't tell a soul.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    On the Fritz Pt. 3

    Hans Moleman starts

    Iron Lung: My suit is great at mowing lawns, but I’m a crime fighter, not a 12-year-old boy on summer break.
    Mr. Burns: Why not put some zoot in your suit and power it with nuclear?
    Disco Stu: No way, nuclear is filthy -- solar’s the way to put a jig in your rig!
    Iron Lung: I'm sure they each have their merits--
    Mr. Burns: Give Burns a turn to earn your business!
    Disco Stu: Seriously?! You want to get into a rhyme-off with me?! That’s all I ever do!
    Disco Stu: Disco Stu is gonna murder you -- with his words!

    Task: Make Iron Lung Break Up Rhyme Battle
    Time: 1h
    If the user has Mr. Burns and Disco Stu: Task: Make Burns and Disco Stu Have Rhyme Battle
    Time: 1h
    Location: Stu's Disco
    Requires: Disco Stu

    Iron Lung: Breaking up a fight between two power-hungry poets is harder than fighting crime.
    Iron Lung: Who knew that the only thing Disco Stu liked more than rhyming and Disco was promoting solar power?!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Krusty: This isn't funny anymore. Just wake up already! I'll give you free fries for a year!
    Krusty: Maybe not for an entire year. Two months, I can spare two months. No free fries -- a guy who's dying shouldn't eat fries.

    On the Fritz Pt. 4

    Hans Moleman starts

    Iron Lung: All this work has made me hungry.
    Iron Lung: I'll have my usual: a Krusty Salad, lettuce only, no dressing, eaten with a spoon...
    Iron Lung: ...and a Diet Fountain Fizz.
    Krusty: Sorry, buddy, we only have Regular Fountain Fizz right now.
    Iron Lung: Well, that should be okay I guess.
    Iron Lung: Mmm, such a bold flavor. Maybe I should start ordering this instead--
    Iron Lung: My body...

    Task: Make Iron Lung Go on Life Support
    Time: 4h

    Iron Lung: That was a close one. Good thing my suit gives me medical attention anytime I get hurt.
    Krusty: Oh, thank God you made it!
    Krusty: I better switch out the Fountain Fizz before someone else gets hurt.
    Krusty: I don't want to get sued.
    Krusty: Oh wait, it says right here on the cup: “May cause mild headaches or death.” All good!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    On the Fritz Pt. 5

    Wiggum starts

    Wiggum: Iron Lung, glad you're here! We got a jumper on top of the building.
    Iron Lung: And you want me to go up and bring him down?
    Wiggum: No, that'd take too long.
    Iron Lung: You want me to talk some sense into him?
    Wiggum: No, nothing like that.
    Wiggum: Our spotlight is running out of batteries, and if this wacko goes over the side...
    Wiggum: ...we want to light him up real nice for these spectators.
    Wiggum: Mind if we plug our light into your suit?
    Iron Lung: Plug away!

    Task: Make Iron Lung Power the Police Spotlight
    Time: 4h
    Location: Police Station or Brown House

    Lou: Nice job powering that light, Iron Lung. You're a hero for illuminating that guy when he jumped.
    Iron Lung: Glad I could help!
    Wiggum: Too bad those pesky firemen caught the jumper in their net.
    Wiggum: Coulda given these people something to talk about at work tomorrow...
    Iron Lung: There's always next time, Chief!
    Wiggum: Thanks, Iron Lung!

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    Long Winded Pt. 1

    Lisa starts

    Lisa: Grampa, Grampa!
    Grampa: What is it, sweetie?
    Lisa: Someone stole my science project! I need it for school tomorrow or I won't be able to keep my perfect GPA.
    Grampa: This looks like a job for...
    Grampa: ...the terror in the night. The criminals' worst nightmare, the true symbol of justice...
    Grampa: ...the dashing and elusive, but always inclusive. Hero of all heroes...
    The Rambler: The Rambler!

    Task: Make The Rambler Bore Criminals to Sleep
    Time: 4h

    The Rambler: Oddly, these adult career criminals don't know anything about a child’s school project.
    The Rambler: I need to go back and investigate the scene of the crime.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Long Winded Pt. 2

    Grampa starts

    The Rambler: What's this toothpick doing by the front door?!
    Marge: Homer must’ve dropped it -- he's always getting free samples at restaurants.
    The Rambler: No way this toothpick was Homer’s -- it’s got broccoli residue on it.
    The Rambler: It belongs to the culprit that stole Lisa's science project.
    The Rambler: Speaking of broccoli, this reminds me of the time-
    Marge: Well look at that, Grampa, sounds like the laundry is done. I would love to stay and talk, but those socks aren't going to match themselves.
    The Rambler: No one thought it would work, but the original James Bond was made out of broccoli...
    The Rambler: ...hello? I'm just talking to myself again. Better go to the Gulp 'N' Blow to investigate this toothpick.

    Task: Reach Level 10 and Build Gulp 'N' Blow
    Task: Make The Rambler Eat at Gulp 'N' Blow
    Time: 4h
    Location: Gulp 'N' Blow
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Long Winded Pt. 3

    Grampa starts

    The Rambler: Dead end at the Gulp 'N' Blow...
    The Rambler: If I was a thief, I would be looking for a discreet hideout.
    Homer: Hey Dad, what are you doing?
    The Rambler: *sputters* I'm not your Dad! I'm The Rambler!
    Homer: Whatever. Have fun with your stupid make-believe game. I'm going to Moe's.
    The Rambler: It's not a game. I'm a real hero.
    Homer: *chuckles* Yeah, I'm a hero too after about eight beers!
    The Rambler: I'll show him, and everyone who ever called me old! That house looks suspicious, I bet the thief is hiding in there!

    Task: Make The Rambler Investigate the Brown House
    Time: 4h
    Location: Brown House

    Sea Captain: Yaarr! What are ye plans with me peg leg in ye hand?
    The Rambler: That wasn't a toothpick I found, it was a splinter from your peg leg!
    The Rambler: Now make with Lisa’s science project!
    Sea Captain: Lisa’s science project?! I couldn't have stolen it!
    Sea Captain: I have an alibi -- I was stealing Janey’s project that night!
    The Rambler: *sputters* I was sure I found it this time. Oh, I give up.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Long Winded Pt. 4

    Bart starts

    Bart: Hey Grampa, why are you crying?
    The Rambler: I'm a failure! Someone stole your sister's science project and I can't figure out who did it.
    Bart: Oh, that's all? I saw it at Milhouse's house.
    The Rambler: *sputters* Why didn't you tell me that sooner?
    Bart: You never get to be The Rambler. I didn't want to steal your thunder.
    The Rambler: I hate thunder! I've got way too much of it! I can't give enough of it away!

    Task: Reach Level 8 and Place Van Houten House
    Task: Make The Rambler Break Into Van Houten House
    Time: 4h
    Location: Van Houten House
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Long Winded Pt. 5

    Milhouse starts

    Milhouse: Mr. Simpson! What are you doing in my house?
    The Rambler: You stole Lisa's science project in some childish hope to win her affection...
    Kirk: Uh, actually, I took it. I thought I could pass it off as my own idea at my big ‘board meeting.
    Milhouse: But Dad, you're a sign spinner. You don't have board meetings.
    Kirk: No, 'Board is short for the cardboard our signs are made out of. There’s an apostrophe at the beginning.
    Kirk: Lisa’s solar powered windmill project would've changed the sign spinning biz!
    The Rambler: You'd better hand it over or you'll be spinning a sign in front of the hospital!
    Kirk: I wish! They give their sign spinners water breaks!

    Task: Make The Rambler Return Lisa's Science Project
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House

    Lisa: Grampa! You found my science project!
    The Rambler: That's right, it was easy once I doggedly pieced together a bunch of incorrect clues and then your brother told me where it was.
    Lisa: So ...is that it?
    The Rambler: Yep!
    Lisa: You aren't going to tell me a long, rambling story that veers from the original point and makes me fall asleep?
    The Rambler: Honestly? It gets tiresome pretty quickly.
    Lisa: You can say that again!
    The Rambler: No thanks!

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    Dependables Evermore Pt. 1

    Grampa starts

    The Rambler: I can't wait to see the old team again. Last time the Dependables were together, Hot Flash was actually hot.
    Fruit-Bat-Man: Come in Rambler, can you read me?
    The Rambler: This is Rambler, go ahead.
    Fruit-Bat-Man: Oh, hi. I was hoping I could leave a voice message. Well, this is awkward. I had a whole thing prepared.
    The Rambler: Just spit it out would ya!
    Fruit-Bat-Man: I can't make it tonight to hang out with you old geezers and play dress up.
    Fruit-Bat-Man: I have to go to an Eyes Wide Shut party and hang out with different geezers and play dress up.

    Task: Make The Rambler Try to Assemble the Dependables
    Time: 4h
    Location: Springfield Retirement Castle or Simpson House

    The Rambler: It seems like everyone is too busy to get together this year. I'm going to have to spend it all alone, again.
    Iron Lung: I'm here.
    The Rambler: Yeah, I guess you are, Iron Lung. I might as well be alone if I have to be here with you. No offense.
    Iron Lung: I understand. Even workers at the drive-through won't respond to me.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Dependables Evermore Pt. 2

    Hans Moleman starts

    Iron Lung: Do you have a deck of cards?
    The Rambler: I can't do everything! Besides, Early Bird usually brings the cards.
    Iron Lung: He said his stories are about to come on, so he can't make it this year.
    The Rambler: We can still make this happen. We should split up and look for a deck of cards.

    Task: Reach Level 7 and Build Krusty Burger
    Task: Make The Rambler Search the Value Menu at Krusty Burger
    Time: 4h
    Location: Krusty Burger
    Task: Make Iron Lung Play Bad-Cop/Bad-Cop at Android’s Dungeon
    Time: 4h
    Location: Android's Dungeon
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Dependables Evermore Pt. 3

    Hans Moleman starts

    Iron Lung: Do you guys sell playing cards?
    Comic Book Guy: Of course I sell cards -- but they are certainly NOT for playing!
    Comic Book Guy: They are limited edition Star Wars cards where all the numbers and suits are written in that bleep-bloop language that R2-D2 speaks in.
    Comic Book Guy: It is impossible to decipher.
    Comic Book Guy: Now get out of here before I lose my cool. Your suit is very hot and it is starting to make me sweat more profusely than usual.

    Task: Make Iron Lung Get Kicked Out of Android’s Dungeon
    Time: 4h
    Location: Android's Dungeon

    Comic Book Guy: Don't let the door hit you in the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ on the way out!
    Iron Lung: It can't -- my ❤️❤️❤️❤️ is encased in my suit!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Dependables Evermore Pt. 4

    Grampa starts

    The Rambler: What was I here for again? Give me another Krusty Burger, that might help me remember.
    Squeaky Voice Attendant: You've already had twelve Krusty Burgers. I don't know if I should serve you anymore.
    The Rambler: Give it to me so I can remember what I was here for or I'll DECK you and then not send a get well CARD!
    The Rambler: Wait, that’s it: I'm here to look for-- nope, lost it.

    Task: Make The Rambler Eat More Krusty Burgers to Try to Remember
    Time: 12h
    Location: Krusty Burger
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Dependables Evermore Pt. 5

    Grampa starts

    The Rambler: I didn't have any luck finding...wait, what were we looking for again?
    Iron Lung: Playing cards! I didn't find any either, I'm at a loss. I guess we won't be playing this year.
    The Rambler: Enough of that talk, don't you dare give up!
    The Rambler: Wait, Matlock is on. I give up.
    The Rambler: Let’s go watch it at my son's place -- he's the only house in town that still has cable TV that airs shows at specific times.

    Task: Make The Rambler Mooch Off His Son
    Time: 24h
    Location: Simpson House
    Task: Make Iron Lung Freeload at the Simpsons House
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House

    The Rambler: Let me get the remote. I keep it here under this deck of cards.
    Iron Lung: You have cards! Why didn't we come here from the start?
    The Rambler: I forgot that's what we were looking for. After eating twelve burgers, the main thing I was looking for was a bathroom.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Dependables Evermore Pt. 6

    Grampa starts

    The Rambler: Let me call Hot Flash, maybe she can make it.
    Hot Flash: I don't know if I'll be able to make it. I need to change into my costume, but there aren't phone booths anymore.
    The Rambler: *sputter* Just change on the bus like the rest of us, cards are our annual tradition...
    The Rambler: ...tradition used to be everything, and now people can't commit to anything. It's all myPad this and eye copter that. If I had...
    Hot Flash: I don't have time to listen to your stories. I'll make it if I can.
    Iron Lung: If she doesn't, that's okay. We can still play bridge...oh, wait there's only two of us.

    Task: Make Iron Lung and The Rambler Play Cards
    Time: 1h
    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

    Life Runs Away

    Auto starts

    Big Zoo Fan: Are these all the animals you've got? It's hardly the San Diego Zoo. It's not even the Santa Barbara Zoo.
    Larry Kidkill: I'm sorry, there are no more animals close enough to Springfield for us to smuggle. I mean... adopt.
    Lil' Zoo Fan: Maybe we'll get more if they breed? A lion and tiger can make a liger.
    Larry Kidkill: Well, then your parents must have been a dog and a stork, cause you're a...
    Lil' Zoo Fan: stog?
    Animal Rights Hipster: No animals should be forced to breed in captivity! But if they do, it can be with whatever other animal they want.
    Larry Kidkill: Ugh! Why did they have to buy you guys? There's not one of you I want in my zoo!
    Invasive Toads: *croak*
    Larry Kidkill: Except you, invasive toads. You're always welcome here.

    Task: Tap Big Zoo Fan
    Task: Tap Lil' Zoo Fan
    Task: Tap Animal Rights Hipster
    Task: Tap Invasive Toads
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP
  • Everyman is his own character and not a skin. Weird
  • TheJuiceLoosener
    2353 posts Member
    edited September 2018
    Everyman is his own character and not a skin. Weird

    It's not that weird. Avery Mann was a character created by CBG and not an alter ego so he's treated as a separate entity and not a skin.

    EDIT: It IS weird that Hot Flash is a full character. Going by many many examples as precedent, HF should be a skin for Mrs. Alice Glick. They should have offered her as a character and included the HF skin in a bundle. I'm completely baffled as to why they're breaking the pattern with her.
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