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Monster Hunter License

I did a search first, but couldn’t find an answer...

I purchased the MHL thinking that it would give me a few extra neighbors to get goodies from... but I was only able to cash in on TEN NEIGHBORS... even WITH the license... before it reverted to cash only.

What’s the deal???

How is possible that I could spend that many donuts, only to be able to visit TEN neighbors before it peters out?

Has anyone else had any problems? And, if you only get ten WITH the license, how many are you able to visit WITHOUT?

This doesn’t seem normal.


  • The deal is - these licenses every event - are a terrible deal!!
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  • The licenses double the amount you get from those 10 neighbors
  • Yeah, the licences are a terrible deal.

    ... it's like the game's version of "extended warranty". Just pure profit. (Insert Homer's extended warranty gif here)
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  • Do not buy the Tapping Licenses that are offered during the events. You can do next to no friend interactions during these events, outside of the required friend interaction with OS.
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  • Wow. Okay... thank you.
  • Also, it causes the game to crash when you tap in friends towns. I bought it knowing its a bad deal but what the heck who cares. But now I cant tap at all.
  • I accidently bought this since there was no 'are you sure' confirmation.
  • johncolombo
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    I think whacking day was the first license we could buy and you could tap in a lot more towns. Mabey all your neighbors? I can't remember. After that EA made the license into what it is now, more taps in 10 towns
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  • This is the first game that I haven't bought the licence for. I don't think it's worth the extra cost for the small number of double friend points you can get. I generally complete all levels well before the end date so decided to save the donuts this time round.
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