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Characters stuck in job loop

I sent characters to perform a daily challenge, Get Milk at the Quickie Mart. The characters assigned to this job are stuck in a loop. The hands will appear that the job is complete. I will receive the money and the experience for the job, but the characters will immediately go back to this job. I cannot assign any of these characters to another job. Logging out did not resolve the issue, the Gypsy update did not resolve the issue. When I tried to place the Quickie Mart into storage the app crashed. Any Ideas on how to resolve this?


  • Try storing a building that will store a character who is stuck in the KEM. Such as Moe's tavern will store Moe and Marge. Springfield Elementary should store Skinner. Store that building. Exit the game completely. Go back in and that should take care of it. Then re place your stored building.
  • I tried that and the app crashed.
  • Try making more free space on your device, like 4-5 gigs
    Reboot and
    try again to store the KEM or another building that will store a stuck character
    If that doesn't work
    Clear cache
    reboot device
    If that also doesn't work you'll have to contact EA
  • jer0me0350
    1 posts New member
    Thanks, storing a character+building worked!
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