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What would you like to see instead of 3 act structured events?

Just spitballing. To mix it up, how would you like to see an event set up to keep everyone more engaged throughout?

I would love to have trivia questions. Something like the stonecutters event- that makes us use our minds and awards viewers of the show and not just casual players. It wouldn’t affect normal gameplay(it’d still be possible to complete the story even if you weren’t a super fan), but it’d add to it and get the community not only active on the forums but rewatching old episodes to get clues. Something more immersive.


  • 2 Acts like last Christmas.
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  • Wheel of Chance
  • johncolombo
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    no acts full out craziness like whacking day
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  • johncolombo
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    I liked clash of Clones as well.
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  • no acts full out craziness like whacking day

    ^^this >:) ^^
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  • I rather have 3 acts than two because the event won't be as compressed. I think more visible decoration task would be fantastic. And these would be better received than the casual character visibles. The decoration should be tappable with pressing start for the character. Not looking for the character then the task in their list. More of these with act stories make it a bit more interactive in my opinion. Im completely fine with three acts. But if I think of something that would go well by being added then Ill share my opinion.
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  • 1 act with more prizes, bring back community prizes, it would be fun if they included visiting friends more, maybe sth like friend prizes as well, but for the events. Just make it more interesting because grinding isn't fun anymore.

    Love the game though.
  • No more month and a half long events.
  • I always wanted a “7 More Short Stories About Springfield” which would be something like seven 2-part prize tracks, each with their own short story (they’re all intertwined like the episode). The prize tracks could be character then animation, or character then building. Some of the iconic scenes from the episode could be brought in, such as Extremely Tall Man (his unlockable animation being him in his small car). 2 of the prize tracks could even be premium, to promote donut purchase for EA 😉 Some more silly characters and scenes could be created, and I think this would be a fun event style that isn’t three acts.
  • I don't mind three acts it just seems like they are lazy with the formula. They apply the same game play to each act for each event. It's boring. They could have had kids trick or treat up till Halloween, and then have some day after dialog, stomach aches, candy hang overs, something. I love the content though. Good monsters.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
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