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Can't finish Act in time



  • Yeah I understand that. I’m a KEM farmer at heart. My question posed to the OP was about the benefits of using the rail yard for donut harvesting vs KEM/RTT
  • Don't forget your friends and all the Donut Box bonuses.
  • techguy010
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    edited November 2018
    Huh, weird. I always find tsto events easy to complete, sometimes I get a little worried I might not make it, but everytime I do, the only events I failed to complete are events that I just didn't come on for enough and that was knowingly my fault, the last time I failed to complete an event fully was the Christmas 2016 event where I missed the last Act 3 prize, but that was due to me spending time with family and having fun IRL for Christmas lol, so I did not have the time to come on enough for the last prize, but all events since then I have fully completed. All I do is come on as frequent as possible, sometimes I forget to come on and I may go over by 1 or 2 hours, but normally I am consistent, it is even easier now that EA normally adds a building that auto clears all the tappy NPCs, instead of having to take a large chunk of time searching your town for them. So the only reason you are failing to complete the event is you are not coming on enough to do your collections, also make sure to do your friends towns every day as well (although it isn't nessesary if you come on LOTS it still helps a lot). Now coming on not enough is not really your own fault, it could just be you have a busy work schedule perhaps or you simply just lose track of time. btw I only just finished the event, got the final prize lit only a few minutes ago, all relic prizes done and all craftables crafted and Flanders Tome is maxed out, completely f2p, never spent ANY money on the game.
  • Ask the guy who needed 1M wraps
  • techguy010 wrote: »
    never spent ANY money on the game.

    If you liked the game, then why not spend a few dollars, thereby expressing respect. You obviously do not live in Nepal and for you, most likely, it will not be financially burdensome.
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