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Final thoughts on Halloween 2018?


  • Fantastic event. Lots of unlockables; loved the character skins and the pickaxe digging minigame.
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  • It seems like most people liked it or could at least find a few redeeming qualities.

  • smohqy
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    This is so exciting. I can’t wait to see what we find.
  • Found it a bit too easy, a tad too repetitive and boring. the last two acts I finished with almost 9 days remaining plenty of bonuts though.
  • grant981 wrote: »
    Found it a bit too easy, a tad too repetitive and boring. the last two acts I finished with almost 9 days remaining plenty of bonuts though.

    yeah seems like they re giving us some easy time this year
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  • I enjoyed it with the exception that the crafting prices were too high.

    This was my one complaint.

    I was overseas for most of act III though. Wish I could have participated more often but my 4G sucks when I'm away. I did like what I saw, nevertheless.
  • Oh yes, and the fact that there was no group task for the three lady monsters.

    Missed opportunity there.
  • The event was cool, but I really wish the acts would be more different. It's the same thing but different theme for all three acts. I think 2 acts that are different would be more refreshing.
  • I still wish they gave us the kids trick or treating on Halloween. It didn't have to be all six weeks but at least on the 31st.
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  • I agree with most people. Crafting currency was too high. I couldn't craft as many sand dunes as I wanted. I don't have donuts to rush :(
  • I have more complete Gothic and Egyptian parts of town now, which is satisfying. But like a lot of others I would’ve liked a few more of the craftables - completing the prize track 9 or 10 days early but still falling short on crafting currency is a bit odd.

    So the only complaints are the event felt too long and crafting felt too hard. Otherwise I liked the characters, items and animations.
  • I enjoyed the event and the decorations it brought. I do have to agree that the stinginess on the crafting currency hurt along with having to cram everything into the bonus area.
  • Trick or treating would’ve been good
  • I found it adequate. The new characters were great, the three act structure is a little tired in my opinion and the dig site made it even more monotonous. I’d like something a bit more challenging and even the reintroduction of high currency items(not just donuts), like the worlds biggesttoilet that’s been on the servers for forever...
  • Any complaints I had have been blown away by were-Milhouse’s 8 hr. task- I think it’s my favorite animation in the whole game! But yeah- the event was too long for me.
  • Very good. Probably third fav THOH.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • If user-involvement wasn't greatly shortened by the kid's task thing I would have found 41 days of doing that event very tedious.
  • bluntcard wrote: »
    Very good. Probably third fav THOH.
    your still happy getting stacking sheep :)
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  • Overall I enjoyed this event. Loved the theme, but felt it dragged by the time Act III rolled around. I like to contain my event items, so didn’t think the Mummy items fitted in and had to move them off to my Egypt area.
    I really liked a few of the crafting items like the big trees and liked buying new walls. Nice new characters too. I’d say an B+/A- overall.
  • They went with the infallible 3 act structure for this one.

    There was crafting. Because various people have said so.

    I like Wiggam tied up like a mummy but still snacking. This seems true to the character.
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