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Sideshow Bob has escaped (again) will not trigger.

The Quest line Sideshow Bob Has Escaped (Again) has not triggered for me. I require something be done on EA's side to force the quest line to be triggered because I have done everything within my power to physically force the quest line to trigger. I have attempted to remove and replace the prison several times to no avail. The quest line simply isn't triggering and I am at Level 118. This is a serious issue that must be dealt with, and it must be dealt with immediately.
And before you suggest "Please attempt to clear your task book" that is simply not possible. The tasks are simply impossible to complete, given the characters involved, and the amount of events you turn out each month that require said characters for those quest lines. The only option here is for you to fix this bug. It may mean making it so his first appearance ISN'T random, but programmed like Bart, Moe or one of the other regular characters. The point is, you need to fix this. I will not take runarounds or suggestions of a fix for an answer, nothing short of a fix ON YOUR END will be excepted.
Thank you and good day.


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