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How well do you know your town......

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A wee light topic to kill 24 hours before the chaos kicks in.
A lot of us have spent large numbers of hours on our town over the years but how well do we know really know them.
If we were dropped into a virtual 3d version of it would we be able to find our way from the Kwik emart to the dog track? If somebody asked us where the butterfly tent is could we give them directs to the park and then give further directions at the park. 'Walk past a bench with a coat in it and you will come to a basketball court turn left and its just besde a small lake'
I'm playing years and I still often get disorientated in my town. I guess it would be even worse for the tinkerers who are forever changing their town and redesigning whole sections.


  • Took me forever to find the switch for the Christmas lights!
  • johncolombo
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    not well :o I wish we had a building finder. I know where my original town stuff is from the beginning but after that I'm lost.
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  • When ever I'm designing I always think oh that will be a good building to use and then it'll takes several minutes to figure out where it is.
    Here have a banana!!
  • I saw a building in a neighbours town that looked really cool and I thought 'Why haven't I got that building? I want it!!'

    I then discovered that I DO have the building (the Elf Cannon control building) and there it was, sitting where it had always been for however many years I owned it.

    I had no idea.
  • I would really like to have a way to name or number my streets. My town is laid out on a very definable street grid but even though I know the locations of most major buildings and "venues" I still encounter slight confusion when zooming from one character job (upper left corner) to another. And yes, I know what a database nightmare that would be for EA if everyone could name or number their streets. But hey, if we can program a machine to wander around Mars, anything is possible.......
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  • Yes I would
  • LusciousJohnnyD
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    My monorail will take you wherever you want to go. Did you know that mono means one and rail means rail.
  • I'm pretty picky about what goes in my town and the layout so, yeah, I could be everyone's favorite cab driver.
  • johncolombo
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    JJR2112 wrote: »
    I'm pretty picky about what goes in my town and the layout so, yeah, I could be everyone's favorite cab driver.

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  • Half the time I have trouble finding my town square. 😂
  • I've always wondered whether anyone had a system for finding their way around. I get totally lost in my town.
  • since i' ve all sections separated by events and levels i know it well
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  • Directions in my towns are simple. " You can't get there from here" Repeat as necessary.
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  • I have piles of stuff all over the place, but I generally know where each pile is and what it contains.

    However, I've noticed that as we get more and more land I'm starting to misjudge where stuff is when I scroll from one area to another. I'll think I'm on the right x or y axis but then realize when I'm going to is higher up or lower or whatever and that kinda throws me.
  • maybe one or two buildings or decos I'd have trouble finding, other than that I'd find my way home.
  • I definitely could navigate from anywhere to anywhere. My SF is oriented like the version in the HD opening credits, with regard to the buildings included in that flyover. Then, I also have distinct neighborhoods and districts, like downtown and uptown, and several main artery roads. Giving directions is a snap.

    My next project is to rebuild my KL exactly like the official animated map.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • I def. could! I keep my town perimeters the same. My monorail basically makes one giant square along the edges of my town. So all I do is expand the perimeters and expand my sections (science, homes, schools, halloween, vegas, etc...) in the middle lol Unfortunately the tokens have ruined my method :(:(:(
  • No problems, that's why I got the the satellite to map my town. Google/Apple Map, here I come... 44vxayw54fss.png
  • I’d say I know it about 95%. But sometimes I can never find something I know is right here...
  • johncolombo
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    I think what confuses me is I have two towns I play and I get mixed up on occasion which town I'm in. :#
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