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What Changed with the Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2018 Updates? (Update: 11/19)

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November 19th (Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2018 Patch 1)
  • Lard Lad Donut Factory's task now earns 6 Donuts instead of 12 every 24 hours.
  • In Cheaper Than Getting A Fake ID, the task Make Bart Sneak into an R-Rated Movie was changed to Make Bart Sneak Into an R-Rated Movie.
  • Bart's job Sneak into an R-Rated Movie was changed to Sneak Into an R-Rated Movie.
  • Bart's job Run away with Kang was changed to Run Away with Kang.
November 14th (Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2018)
  • The app icon, the splash screen, the friend visit's icon, the music, the water and the town center were changed back to normal.
  • Leaves now falls on the screen.
  • Autumn look has been set for trees.
  • The decorations limit was increased to 12,000.
  • The unreleased Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag was released.
  • Smithers The Blovaitor Pt. 3 Do All the Work job is now premium.
  • Insanity Cauldron minigame's countdown was added back.
  • The maximum number of sidequests active before the box activates was changed from 4 for all levels to: 2 for levels 1 to 5, 3 for levels 6 to 9, 4 for levels 10-14, 6 for levels 15-19, 7 from levels 20 onwards.
  • Completing Princess Ride Pt. 5 and A Tale of Two Orphans now yield $200 and 20 XP instead of $100 and 10 XP when completed.
  • Sepulcher of Evil's animation was fixed.
  • Magic Act Milhouse, Reclusive Mr. Burns, Prepper Lindsey Naegle, President Lisa, Soccer Lisa, Softball Mr. Burns, Pin Pal Apu, Opera Krusty and Moog's jobs are now premium.
  • Odin's of Shelbyville, Stardust Drive-In and Radioactive Ooze Pit can now be stored.
  • If Price of Power Pt. 6 was not completed, in Mild Mannered Pt. 5, during Everyman's Practice Super Hero Landing job he doesn't land. After the quest he'll land.
  • Everyman's Rewatch Everyman Movie job is now active after starting Mild Manner Pt. 4 instead of Pt. 5.
  • Mild Mannered Pt. 1 now doesn't require Price of Power Pt. 6 to be completed anymore.
  • Kodos' Act Harmless can now be done at Brown House too.
  • dilophosaurus, Pharaoh Guard and Plague Rats now make a sound when tapped.
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