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Who thinks THIS would be really awesome? (A poll kinda)

I think the day AFTER Black Friday, (or maybe the day after Christmas?) should be a RETURNS DAY!

It could be our chance to "return" anything we've ever bought or received, for cash or donuts. No receipts necessary!!

Who likes this idea? Please reply to "vote" yes since i can't figure out how to take a real poll like the old days.
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  • OH MY GOODNESS! THIS IS A FANTASTIC IDEA! I wouldn't care if it was a lower price or anything. Just give me a chance to free up my inventory.
  • Happy to dump everything from my inventory... I don't even want anything for it.

    Voted yes!
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  • Love it!!😍👍
  • I'm in!
  • Yes please :)
    Will be still playing the game but I've given up on the this fourm, goodbye.
  • I join you, dreamers
  • Taco

    I mean, Yes.
  • My vote is a firm Taco.
  • My vote is a firm Taco.

    Don't like soft tacos?
  • voted yes
  • Yes from me
  • I want! So much to dump in my inventory.

    You, sir, are a genius.
  • I agree completely. And here is a possible mechanism to enable players to "unload" their unwanted items - including NPC's. EA could offer a building (or a flea market) where the value of an item would vary (determined randomly when a player selects an item and clicks on "Sell"). If the value is not sufficient, the player can click on "Nope" and try to sell something else. With this method, there won't be a global stampede to the "Second Hand Store" or "Barney's Flea Market" (or whatever the building ends up being called) by millions of players to unload unwanted items. I might add, this building should only be made available to players at level 500 and above so newbies won't be tempted to sell off items they may need later in the game.

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  • johncolombo
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    I like my inventory, it's wild, messy and crazy, almost like an underground city, but I can understand that it's not everyone's thing. I actually rarely even go into my inventory very often but I like your idea.
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  • I would be down for selling unwanted, unneeded items for a few bucks or so of IGC. Selling stuff for dirt cheap; I think almost everyone playing the game would be down with that.
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  • I don't even need anything back for it. Heck I'll even pay for a chance to clean out my inventory.
  • Include me in!!
  • I don't want to sell anything, because you never know when that one weird item is the thing you need a year later to make the perfect design.
    I want a better inventory system. The ability to search by name or type.
    I use the group store to put some like things together so I can find them again, but more organization is what I want.
  • Deadshot_DCU
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  • im with @EllieGuseman
    used to be good with selling but you never know what will come in handy later and that inventory needs an overhaul
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