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Major crashes since Thanksgiving update

Hi there.

My girlfriend and I love Tapped Out.

Since the update for Thanksgiving we both faced the same major problems.

It's simple. You open the game. Your login name appears. You tap to get into the game. The doughnut is spinning. Yeah it spinns.

Now the game crashes completely.

Over and out.

... This happens over and over again. On several devices.

First this happened to my girlfriend. And nothing worked. Logging in on my phone or tablet did not work. But I could do it. I could still log in on all devices. So the problem is not the device. It's on EA.

I called. They fixed it in 5 minutes. Her game works.

Now I lay in bed and want to play.
I just bought Matress man or something for 149 doughnuts. A few minutes later my game crashes and won't load. I can't play. It seems to be the same problem.

We both use android systems. The EA guy in Germany said the developers can't fix it for every open source android system so that is why the game crashes probably. He managed to roll it back.

Now my game crashed. I need to call tomorrow. I am an addict.

Seriously. Do you face similar issues with your game?!

It really sucks.

PS: it's would be the second Rollback (EA guys loading your game to an earlier syncing save point where everything in the game worked) for me.

Any ideas or suggestions? I have spent hundreds of Euros on this. And I don't want to loose it all!

Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪


  • Usually these problems are a space issue.
    You need 4-5 gigs of free space on your device NOT on a sd card
    Different towns need different amounts of free space.
    If you do not have that space, and you DO NOT play anonymously,
    Delete the app, and anything else you don't need to make room,
    Reboot device
    Do Not play until all downloads are done even though it says you can.
    If that doesn't work, try another uninstall reinstall,
    reboot your wi-fi.
    Some people report success the second time.
    Here are some tips for contacting EA.
    1. Try to get a call or, if you have no choice, a live chat, between 9am and 5pm Central time Monday-Friday in the US.
    2. Explain your problem and all the steps you have already done.
    3. Be polite but firm that only EA can fix your problem.
    4. If you have bought donuts, tell them how much money you have spent in the game.
    5. If the csr refuses to help you, just hang up.
    6. Request another ticket and call back.
    7. Repeat until you get someone who can help you.
    8. You will have to be persistent. First level support outside the US really can't help you with this type of problem. You need someone in the US or possibly Ireland, to fix your game.
    9. Good luck.
  • My husband is having the same problem, his game won't load on any device (we've tried 3 different ones) mine works fine on all the same devices (Kindles and a Samsung Tab S). EA tried to blame it on the age of the devices, but since my game works I'm not buying that answer. He finally got someone to roll it back yesterday, but it won't load again today. He's not a happy camper.
    I've been playing with the Pie Man glitch since EA decided thowing donuts at the problem was easier than fixing it, so I'm not very optimistic about fixes.
  • Hi. Thanks for the replies.

    I just wanted to throw in that I have had the calls. 7 different calls with EA in 3 days. 5 roll backs... If my gf tapped unemployment office it crashes she said.
    My game was successfully rolled back. Hers not so much.

    Maybe I will try what @EllieGuseman said.

    And @mylikescats.. Good luck. Maybe you need to be called back again from EA.

    I am seriously tired now but will post here later. Thanks again.
  • Hi Friedlieb91,

    Sorry to hear you are still having problems, no changes here. Husband has now had 4 rollbacks, after which he can get into his town but is booted out as soon as he tries to do anything. I gave him his Christmas present early - a new tablet - to rule out the possibility of it being an older device or storage issue.

    You and your girlfriend have had 5 rollbacks between you? Yours is working but hers isn't? How far back in time have the rollbacks gone, prior to the Halloween event ending?

    Keep posting about your progress (or lack thereof), it's somewhat comforting to know there's someone else out there facing the same issues.

    Good luck!
  • Has anyone resolved this issue?
    I found this tip in another thread:
    1. login to your ea account, and change the password. or in my case i forgot my password, i went to straight change the password.
    2. clear the data of your game, and it will download game data and will ask to login again. put your username and new password. after finish download game data, it will allow you to play again.
  • I tried but it didn’t work for me.
  • @mylikescats

    Hi and good luck.

    A little update::

    I called 10 times already, had at least 7 Rollbacks, reinstalled, tried it on several devices. The game crashes completely after entering the login details. Again.

    It once worked for 10 minutes, sometimes I see my springfield for a few seconds and it crashes.

    Yesterday a guy from EA told me that it will probably never work again. I payed 200€+ for that game. It's sad.

    He said that they want to replace my springfield with a computer generated one. The in game level will be the same as now, donuts stay. I will get a little refund. But everything event related like the Halloween stuff and Zoo, etc. (that my girlfriend and me really like) will be gone!

    I needed a day to think about it.

    Today I will call again and probably get a new town + the refund if really nothing else works.

    PS: it's actually my girlfriends springfield that I described. Mine still works after the Rollback from a week ago. But I help her.

    Thanks for reading and your advice. And I will try changing the password as suggested by you.

    WHY is this even happening?! :smiley:

  • I would wait until the next store update before you decide to get a template town. See if the problem is fixed then.
  • Friedlieb91
    21 posts Member
    edited November 2018


    Did that help someone before?
    And when will it be, the update, what do you think?


    Edit: Nothing worked so far.
    I will speak to my girlfriend about this - I mean waiting until the next update. And then call EA tomorrow maybe.
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  • I don't really know, but last year it was Dec 5th. I know that is a long time, but the template town is terrible and you lose so much anyway. Let me know what you decide to do and how it goes.
  • No progress here. We did try logging in with a roll back, with a changed password on a new tablet, with a freshly downloaded game. Was able to log in, them kicked right out. Waiting on EA... they sent an email yesterday saying they didn't understand what the problem was. 😐 Not very encouraging. I don't know if husband would choose a template town... I guess now would be a decent time to do it with the black Friday sale - if they give a bunch of donuts, but he'd still loose zoo and Halloween stuff.

    Thanks Friedlieb91 and EllieGuseman for sharing possible fixes and status.
  • Try asking for them to escalate it to someone in the US who can actually help you.
  • I'm no help, but, when we had to nuke Krustyland, and move everything to Springfield, my game went downhill fast. The Halloween Event was so bad, I pretty much gave up playing everyday and didn't get all the prizes in act 2, and act 3 I hardly got anything because I basically quit playing. The constant crashes and freezing drove me insane. As for the Thanksgiving Event, I haven't even played in the last 3 days. I'll probably try playing again, but from what I keep reading, I might not be able to get into the game, and or, it might constantly crash. I don't know until I try. I love this game, and I've been playing ever since 2012. I have an old second generation iPad, and I can't get new updates from Apple. All this cost of having to buy new iPads, computers, and this game have gotten too expensive to keep up with all the new technology. It's buy, buy, buy, or die, die die, and go broke.
  • Played a little this morning, then after being booted 5 times I gave up. Just tried to get back in the game and now, I got the "Can't connect to the server sign" then I got into the screen with the turning donut. The game won't load. This is totally unacceptable. I've been a premium player since 2012, but no more. Why should I spend money to buy donuts, just to not be able to play? Hey EA? are you there?
  • I'm having the same problem. since the update I can't get past the loading screen, have cleared everything and reinstalled twice still no luck :( Absolutely gutted as I've been playing since the game was released.
  • Hello everybody.

    After a pause of 2 weeks we tried the new update. It works!!!!!

    Good thing, we didn't accept a new Springfield.

    Let's see for how long though..

    Good luck everybody. Thanks for your tips.
    Just waiting for the new update worked. I don't mind missing stuff that much anymore.
  • Buoyed by Friedlieb91's apparent success following the Christmas update, we uninstalled, did a hard restart and reinstalled the game last night. Huzzah, it allowed husband to log in and even play a bit. The joy was short-lived, it's back to the instant boot out today. He's on the phone with EA now, which is like listening to Grandpa Simpson if he were on the phone with EA..... EA says his case is still "escalated" to a specialist and to wait for an email. The last email he received was on December1. It's been 3+ weeks since he's been able to play.
  • I got in last night, then immediately got the boot. Tried this morning, immediately got the boot. Went back in, was in for almost a minute, then bootieville. Just tried again, was in for 10 minutes then voila, BootsieVille. How many Booty's can I come up with? I'm working on it. Worst year for events. I might not ever be able to play on this game on the level I've played on since 2012 ever again. Ever since the Krustyland event, my game has been totally screwed.
  • B-O-O-T-Y-S
  • The question, Gary_A_D, is not how many ****s you can come up with, but how few EA can give.
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