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Yet another “How to Improve Tapped Out” thread

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I have played this game since Christmas 2013 and have experience the good (the Stonecutters, the 1st Superheroes) and the bad (Easter 2014, Halloween 2017 aka the Harry Potter event). Overtime, the game has added new features that have improved the gameplay experience, such as the Monorail, the XP Collider, the Town Census, the Job Manager, the IRS radius, and so on. However, there are still other ways to improve this game.
Here’s some of my suggestions to improve Tapped Out:
#1 – More Freemium character involvement: Why always depend of Skinner, Apu, Ned, Cletus, Willie, Moe, Milhouse, & Mr. Burns? Homer, being the main characters of the game, is expected to be involved in some way and that’s okay. The same is true for Lisa most of the time. There are about 400 (or more) playable characters in Tapped Out since its launch, yet it’s always the same 10-15 characters that are involved in the events. I understand helping newer players advance in the game but it would be nice if higher-level Freemium character like Old Jewish Man, Ms. Krabappel, Lenny, Carl, Ms. Hoover, Dolph, Janey, Dr. Hibbert & his wife, Ruth Powers, Chalmers, Lunchlady Doris, and so on were able to participate in the events. Even premium characters from fast events as well as regular/vault ones could also be bought back and be able to help. The limited amount of characters was understandable when the game first launched in 2012, but the roster has greatly increased. That being said, I don’t want to send 20-30 characters on a 4-hr task every time which leads to the next idea.
#2 – More Variety for Currency Tasks: Sending 10-15 characters on a 4-hr task at least four times a day is tedious. Not everyone is able to log into the game for various reasons: work, school, family, vacation, etc. It would be nice if the game gave additional event-exclusive currency tasks (1-hr, 3-hr, 6-hr, 8-hr, 12-hr, 16-hr, 24-hr, and so on). It would be nice if I could send all my available characters for a 24-hr event task so I don’t have to log in every 4-hrs. For example, an event currency for each character was 90 for a 4-hr task. For example, sending 8 characters (i.e. Homer, Marge, Apu, Ned, Cletus, Skinner, Willie, & Itchy) to an event task every 4-hrs totals to 2,800 event currency. In the recent Halloween event, some of the characters like Countess, The Ware-wolf, She-Wolf, the 2 Mummies, Vampire Grampa, Ware-House, and Mummy Wiggum had either 8hr, 12hr, or 24hr tasks that earned event currency alongside the usual 4-hr tasks. This should be an addition for future mega-events.
#3 – Character tasks that DOESN’T require another character: 8 hrs jobs for BOTH the Disapproving Squirrel & Sexy Pirate require Marge, 12 hrs job for Mr Teeny & Stampy that require Krusty & Bart respectively. 8-hrs task for the Parson that requires Rev. Lovejoy. In fact, he has TWO 4-hr tasks! Sarah Wiggum’s 8-hr task requires Ralph. Also, when’s Gummy Joe (from the wild west event) ever going to have a 24 hr task?
#4 – Search option for town canvas: Don’t like scrolling down to find a character that starts with letters R, S, T, etc. I have about 250 characters in my Springfield. For example, It’s faster to find Bart than Chief Wiggum under the current town canvas. Just flipping from ascending order (A, B, C, etc) to descending order (Z, Y, X, etc) is one way to improve this feature, but it doesn’t go far enough. What if you want to search for Moe, Marge, or another character whose name starts with a letter in the middle of the alphabet? Such a chore and the game’s recent lag issues do not help. Browsing a character by alphabet/number would be a welcoming addition.
#5 – “Select All” button during tasks: Tapping one by one is feeling like a chore and it doesn’t help with the recent lag issues. I would like an option where I send all my available characters for a task at once, much like the Job Manager at the Unemployment Building. Don’t get me started on the “Send All Springfielders, youngsters, gentlemen, ladies, etc, to..” tasks! Characters that are required for the task are disabled for Job Manager. Please fix this, EA!
#6 – “Cancel” option during a task: Imagine you’ve sent all your characters on a 24-hr tasks. Suddenly, there is an update for the game kicking off a new event, but the character you need is start the task is already on a 24-hr task. There’s already a workaround where you can send a character and/or decoration to the storage and restore him/her/them into your Springfield. But there is still a problem if Homer or Lisa are required to start the task because they cannot be sent to the storage. I am NOT going to spend donuts to quicken Homer’s 24-hr task in order to start the new event tasks! Of course, you don’t get the full reward of the cancelled task. An alternative would be is that you only get a portion of an award if a task is cancelled. For example, if there is a task that rewards 100 XP and $10,000 and you cancel half-way, you only get rewarded 50 XP and $5,000 money.
#7 – XP Collider should double in-game cash: We know the XP Collider double the amount of XP when it is on. I think it would better that this should also apply to in-game cash as well.
#8 – More land for Springfield Heights: This one’s self-explanatory. Also, more opportunities for free land tokens. I’m starting to run out of space.
#9 – Back up Springfield option: In some games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day, you can make a backup base without having to start all over. My Springfield has become a mess as I have a ton of buildings, characters, NPCs, etc but I want to remake my town without having to blow up my existing town and start from scratch. I could remake my backup town and finish it later if I want to close the game. This might require more game storage, however.
#10 – More items in the Mystery Boxes: EA should change it up like they do with the Vault changing items every week. How many Chalmers Hondas and Lard Donut shops do I really need? They don’t help increase the XP multiplier bonus.
#11 – Human skin for Maude Flanders: Don’t like ghost Maude. The other dead characters (Mona Simpson, Frank Grimes, Marvin Monroe, Bleeding Gums, etc) aren’t ghosts. She should have a skin based on how she looked during the 1st 11 seasons. If other characters have alternate skins (even other premium characters like Otto, Barney, and Crazy Cat Lady), why not, Maude?
What are some other ways that the game can improve on?
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  • 1. I don't know how they could do this without it being unfair to new players or too complicated.
    2. It would be nice to have options, but they really do want you in the game every 4 hours. it gets you addicted. Hopefully they keep offering some longer task like the ones you mentioned.
    3. Agree. All characters should have solo tasks and tasks for all the major times.
    4. Agree
    5. Agree
    6. Cancel button would be nice.
    7. Don't agree. But I make a lot of igc already. I can't spend it fast enough as is.
    8. Yes. Open up the rest of that land.
    9. I don't know how that would work without being a disaster.
    10. Agree. I would like different stuff too, but I rarely buy MB any more.
    11. Human Maude FTW

  • I would add lasers
  • lasers are cool
  • lasers are cool

    Can't go wrong with lasers.
  • The *best* way to improve anything is with a wall of text
    (Only numbering that wall could improve it) 😐
  • disman0091704
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    EllieGuseman, I understand what you meant that what I proposed on #1 may be seen as an disadvantage to newer/lower-level players. What I mean on #1 is that the game should give the player enough lower-level characters (Apu. Ned, Cletus, Moe, etc) that can help with the tasks, giving newer players an enough chance to complete the event if they are active players. In order to complete the event faster, you have to buy at least one premium character. I think that long-time, higher-level players should feel more rewarded based on how far they've advanced in the game during mega-events. EA could give some of the higher-level freenium characters 8hr, 12hr, or 24hr tasks that reward event currency provided the player has advanced far enough in the game to unlock them. In other words, the player should feel encouraged to advance farther in the game.
  • I understood what you meant. I just don't agree.
    I think how they did it with the characters earned in the event had longer tasks was really fair. If you worked hard and got the event character, you got access to a longer ec job.
  • I would like a sell all option in the inventory, for example if I have multiple rabbit hedges or wood chippers to sell (which I do) I wouldn’t have to keep scrolling to that item 20-30 times to sell it.
  • lilmamasa3 wrote: »
    I would like a sell all option in the inventory, for example if I have multiple rabbit hedges or wood chippers to sell (which I do) I wouldn’t have to keep scrolling to that item 20-30 times to sell it.

    Its not a lot easier, but when I need to sell multiples of an item from my inventory, I place them in my town (I have an empty spot set up just for this) and select them in edit mode, then sell them. Makes it a little easier/faster
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  • Willy9292
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    Its not a lot easier, but when I need to sell multiples of an item from my inventory, I place them in my town (I have an empty spot set up just for this) and select them in edit mode, then sell them. Makes it a little easier/faster

    A spot! I can't do 10 RTTs any more because of space. I bought black Friday stuff to store it. I have been going through my town killing designs and pulling stuff out to make room for other stuff. I really hope we get a chunk of land for Christmas or something else has to go. Can I grab a couple shovels of land next time I visit, neighbour. >:) Figure you will be sleeping off the turkey dinner and won't notice. o:)

    Edited multiple times because I seem to be unable to type or spell or walk and chew gum.
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  • daved7637397
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    I have a spot for RTT's, staging/selling, etc. I used to keep an area for each, but due to the new land system I have been forced to combine all of them.

    I too have a good amout of stuff in storage. Nothing that I particularly miss, but it still is frustrating. This new token system stinks to put it nicely.

    And yes, you can have a few shovels full. Help yourself! :D
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  • disman0091704
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    Forgot to include improving the inventory and better neighbor interaction as other ways to improve Tapped out. I do like the idea of neighbors being able to trade unwanted items with each other.
    Here's a compromise on the 1st two items on my original list. Keep the mega-events as they are (the usual 4-hr grind) but add additional event currency tasks for each participating character. For example, a new event has come out and the player has the following participating characters:
    Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Ned, Cletus, Skinner, Milhouse, insert New Premium Character Here #1 (OPTIONAL), insert New Premium Character Here #2 (OPTIONAL)
    Each character still has a 4-hr tasks that earns 30 Event Currency (50 for the Premium characters). In addition, each character now has 1-hr, 8-hr (earns 60 currency), 12-hr (90 currency), and 24-hr (180 currency) tasks that earns Event Currency. That way, players regardless of level can "Tapped Out" on their own time instead of always having to login every 4-hrs. Players still have the option of doing the 4-hr grind if they want to.
    I'll admit that I've been spoiled over the 5 years of playing this game as my Springfield roster increase to over 250 characters and get tired of seeing the same 10-15 characters in the mega-events and would like to see the game change it up a bit.
  • lilmamasa3 wrote: »
    I would like a sell all option in the inventory, for example if I have multiple rabbit hedges or wood chippers to sell (which I do) I wouldn’t have to keep scrolling to that item 20-30 times to sell it.

    Or, at least a scaling option. I like having even numbers when it comes to items in my inventory. But, say I wanted to sell 4 of something, I should be able to do that immediately; without having to sell them one at a time, or place into my town the number of items I want to sell.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
  • I would like the ability to select characters and move them wherever I want like how the Family Guy game works.
  • In a slightly different direction, I would like EA to acknowledge glitches and give a time line for fixing or an explanation if they can't.
  • I'd like a "Tap All" feature where you can collect any completed building and/or character tasks all at once. Also an option to store all redundant buildings while still being able to keep the cash/XP bonuses they pay out. Perhaps EA Claus will hear some of our holiday wishes.
  • dusty7166
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    The unemployment office to let you have 2 hour tasks to click.
    When about to visit your neighbors it should say active or non active (been away for 2 weeks or more) and that way you can clear them out if you want to, before you visit them.
    Also sell things I don't want, all those that you get from mystery boxes that you wish you never clicked on.
  • audiomixdon
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    I would LOVE if the little i Info dot would be viewable when you select a decoration or building placed in your town, so you know whether it has bonus or not, before you store it.
  • with lack of land being a problem for a lot of players, and will likely be a problem from now on, a more user-friendly storage solution is something EA could do to make this a little less frustrating
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