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Winter 2018 Release timeframe?



  • Could be 4 acts of one week each or 4 acts of 10 days each. Or even 4 acts of two weeks each. It will be interesting to see what they do with this one, I hope.

    Here's hoping for one week for each act but I bet its gonna be 2 weeks per act.
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    I can't wait for for the snow!


    Imagine if they didn't give snow this year.

    Christmas event this year will be about global warming and thus no snow!

    Not according to the Play Store update summary.
    "It’s snowing in Springfield, which means only two things… global warming hasn’t hit mobile games yet and “A Simpsons Christmas Special” has arrived! Join the Simpsons Family as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie all share their very own Christmas tales in this 4-part event! That’s right – 4 times the fun and 4 times the presents! That’s even more than kids of divorce get! Play now and get into the spirit of getting!"
    ―Christmas 2018 Event description on Play Store.

    Just when you think 3 acts make it tooo long, ea gives us act 4!🤣

    Next it'll be 5 acts.

    How about 5000 acts?
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  • johncolombo
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    I'm guessing between the 3erd and the 5th of December based on past winter events.
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  • fastshadow2
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    I'm guessing between the 3erd and the 5th of December based on past winter events.
    im with JC, that seems to be the norm

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  • While I am excited for the winter event to start, I could sure use a week of down time to recover from Thanksgiving/Black Friday.
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