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Improve Job Manager

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I would love to see other choices in Job Manager besides the hour assignments. Suggestions:
1. Send on everyone on highest paying jobs
2. Send everyone on different past events dressed in event skins
3. Send everyone on visible jobs
4. Send everyone on hidden jobs
5. Send everyone on as many jobs with vehicles
6. Send everyone on flying jobs
7. Send everyone on jobs with animals
8. Send everyone to certain buildings
9. Send on jobs that animate buildings
This might be an easy way to freshen up the game

(Edited to include #9 )
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  • Probably will never happen.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • Castiel19x wrote: »
    Probably will never happen.

    Tough but fair
  • Would love this in game! :)
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  • Collect all. For us with GLITCH
  • Collect all. For the love of god!
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  • Well one thing I've found recently when you have a big character group assigned a task say send springfielders to do x, y or x it reduces the effectiveness of the job manager.

    It's good when it doesn't send characters you require for a quest on a different job but when you want to park the quest task and do it later it becomes a nuisance.

    It would be good if you could toggle wither characters with tasks assigned for quests are excluded or included in the job manager.
  • sounds great, but because it would be a great inclusion of the game and people would love it, EA will never do.
  • Outstanding & insightful... definitely passing along to End Game Support next time I get them by phone, as everyone should... along w/ friggin Land Token concerns👌🏽
  • If I put everyone on ×an-hour long task, and some people only have that length of task when combining with another character, just go ahead and combine them.
  • I'd also like the option to send everyone on some of the less common task durations, like 2 hour, 6 hour, 16 hour, etc. Probably never going to happen.
  • jaythecanadian
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    Probably won't happen:

    For the IRS Building....they should add two options: Collect all from Finished Jobs (this is one of the unreleased content) and the other, Collect All Cash & XP"

    For the Office of Unemployment: Send characters on animated jobs (the other unreleased content), Send characters on hidden jobs, Send characters on visible jobs and Send Characters on joint tasks.

    I know it would be nice for EA to add these but will never happen either: Send on 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours, 10, 16 hours and 20 hours but not all characters has those number of hour jobs. Only some.
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