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Rebuilding SF

I was wondering if I'll lose anything if I blow up and rebuild my Springfield? Since playing is kind of getting boring for me, I thought that maybe starting my SF from scratch would help.


  • You won't lose anything as its just all goes in your inventory.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • You will lose your sanity several times while rebuilding. I am in the process of remaking my entire springfield, and its just.... overwhelming at times. I wish you luck and happy tapping
  • OhHappyJays
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    Never, under any circumstances take a "have you tried nuking?" comment seriously. You will tear out your hair, swear like a sailor, lose your faith in everything good, and probably wake up at 4 in the morning, simply to make chocolate pudding.

    If you decide to start from scratch, use group storage. Your hair, neighbors, sanity, and hand mixer will all thank you.
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  • I've heard of things disappearing. I won't do it based on the horror stories reported here.

    Plus i have several things that right now are in violation of the current placement rules. Like the cars on streets that were once allowed but now aren't. Many things on dirt that were allowed but now aren't.

    My town is becoming a wreck though and I'd like to restart, but I'm just trying not to do anything drastic. I never could rebuild KL and i suspect nuking would just end my participation completely.

    So think it through. Maybe start in one corner you make completely empty, rebuild that, than work the next section, etc. Take human bites.
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  • 0Brooders0
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    I have nuked level 939 with over 10,000 items and can confirm I didn't lose anything. :)

    However much I enjoyed the complete redesign of my town the inventory is a complete nightmare! :#:D
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  • You're really brave to do this.
    Oh and Its looking like the Xmas event starts next week.....So if you do it you will be in the middle of rebuilding during a Major event....not sure if you care or not but just wanted you to know.
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  • My Springfield has been a mess for years but redesigning it sounds so daunting. I would nuke but I have some things out that would be relegated permanently to the inventory if I nuked.
  • I nuked once.. did not lose anything but will never do it again. You do not realize how much work you have put into a town until you are looking at all that sweet free space and think “what have I done to myself now”

    I’ve seen many a neighbor nuke and never recover as well.
  • I nuked a b town I had a few years back and ended up abandoning it due to the massive undertaking that is nuking. And that was a small, side town. I couldn't even imagine doing it to my main town, after all these years...
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  • I suppose grouping items is much the same, but being able to nuke sections of your town might be a useful feature.
  • Nuking would be unimaginable after five years on this game. As much as I'd like to rebuild Springfield all over again, the effort would be just too much. But I started with a strategy that worked out pretty well: after about five months of game play when I basically had most of the stuff then available (much less than we have today), I drew up a general city plan and moved everything around to fit the plan. Neighborhoods, parks, decorations, rivers, lakes, forests, everything. I've since built out organically, much like a real city grows. I have to say, it has worked pretty well. There are a few things I'd do differently if I had a chance to start over, but not nearly enough to make it worth it.
  • RoyCisneros1
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    So level 128 now... Just nuked my stuff last night. I am very pleased with how my rebuild is going but i barely have anything out yet lol

    Evergreen terrace, a few houses, city hall, burns mansion, jgs mansion, and a park

    heres what it looks like so far:

    all and all it's overwhelming but jesus. I wish i would have waited to buy more land before i nuked it. I had no idea it picks up all the waste when you nuke it.

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