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RTT & got the Bart screen 4/4 times..



  • johncolombo
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    I've been getting it less
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  • I haven't been booted out all day. Haven't had any random donut boxes either. Hmmm...
  • mystery2mi wrote: »
    I haven't been booted out all day. Haven't had any random donut boxes either. Hmmm...
    glad to hear that, gonna try later today

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  • Dougie_Powers_17
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    So... I decided to do a bit of RTT farming in preparation for the upcoming event and got a little surprise...

    I usually buy them six at a time... and it usually generates three rounds of boxes for me, but after every six, whenever I went back to the shop, although it was still on the miscellany screen, I had to scroll along to the RTTs again to buy them again...

    However, this seems to have been fixed... when I go back to the shop, it's right back on the RTTs, ready to purchase again... I'm certain this isn't a new thing, I'm sure it used to happen before, that you could buy some stuff from the shop, leave the shop, go back and be exactly where you left it, but then an update seemed to take it away... back then I was KEM farming and it helped make that easier .. has anyone else noticed this?
  • I suffered through this glitch the other day as well, and I agree it's now fixed.

    I dropped 80 RTTs in one fell swoop and collected all of them without a crash!
  • Same happened to me! RTTs are my favs. Must have lost 500mil over last few days restarting ugh. Will try with red item since blue is no go.
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