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Complaints that this event gives no land

As recently as this morning people are posting that there is no land being given in this event. We get 3,3,3,4 tokens in each week for a total of 13. This information IS given on the prize track.

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  • I bet most don't read what's even been said. They probably expect to see pictures of those tokens.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • Only pictograms register. Words are meaningless :)
    Mr. Papadapaconstantikasgianopolopodopotopolis was my father. You can call me Spiro.
  • I'm unable to read as I am blinded by rage!
  • I wonder if they can even read.
  • To be fair, you can't see this information until it's unlocked. Meaning it appears that none are given when you start the event since the information can't been seen yet. Had the usual method of displaying a pic along with the item been followed, there would have been less confusion.
  • These are tokens to purchase land. Where is the new land expansion?
  • No need for a land expansion as there have not been enough land tokens given out to purchase all of the current land.
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