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Bonus bonus donuts.

Is this happening to anyone else? For the last two days, in both of my Springfields, when I sign in the game opens up with the bonus box flashing its lights at me. I’ve been writing down what my XP is before I sign out along with my donut total.. It has been between 58,432 and 413,689. And when I login, I get the bonus box and the XP is down to around 12,000, and the donut count is unchanged. I’m not complaining, I like getting free XP.

I do have to go to my other Springfield for this to happen.


  • Yup, twice today i logged on and i got a box for donuts. Not sure why.
  • My game keeps getting the Bart screen. I got it once while collecting and every other round if 20 RTT's
  • I've been getting random donut boxes when getting into my game once or twice a day for a week or two. Don't know why it's not counting the donuts for you. I always get them added to my total.
  • I had this happen last week or the week before? Haven't paid much attention this week, but I did level up and get some normally....
  • I've noticed this happening too, and people narrowed down why it's happening, and how to *make* it happen over and over again in other threads. People posting the steps got yelled at.
  • Can someone pm me?
  • Fair compensation for all the donuts lost to the Rat-trap truck-induced Bart screen...
  • I created a thread on this a week or so ago. I've had it happen several times.
  • It takes so long for all my XP/money to be collected that I assumed that I logged out before it was completely done. So when I logged back in my game had finally collected everything and there was my bonuts.
  • Me too. I have received this when launching the game for about 4 times this week
  • For me, the XP isn't adding up correctly when I play the mini game from the last event. If I go to friend's screen and back after digging, it will collect the missing XP and I get a round a bonuts. If I don't synch, I get it when I login next.
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