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The Simpsons : Having a hard time getting straight monorails (Post here)

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edited November 2018
My Monorail inventory:
I have 50+ 90 degrees monorails.
I have 50+ Offset monorails.
I have 70+ Short monorails.
I have 0 Straight mono rails.
The system currently does not look at your inventory to provide monorails parts that you need. I have been told to post my issue here in hopes that enough people will complain so the developers will do the following:
*When each rail parts inventory reach 20 the system will put out the parts that you have 0 of.
I need many straight parts and I get 1 or 2 straight rails in a completed cycle. I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing for straight rail parts.
Please like and post, thank you for your help.


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