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For this event, it seems there are quite a few offered in the store at the moment, which ones are worth the donut cost? I usually buy one or two each event but this event there seems to be so many, not sure which ones are worth it.


  • I think you should get the characters that appeal to you the most. There's not much advantage of one character over another.
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  • Unfortunately, none of the characters appealed to me this Xmas. So I bought the regular characters I didn't have.
  • stingray1122
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    To me Young Marge (not sure if she's still available) and Lee Carvallo are the best of the bunch. Young Marge looks great skating around town. Lee's dialogue is hilarious "Ball is in Parking lot. You have selected three wood. May I suggest a putter?" :D Lee's Show No Love Love task also offers a fun visual of him snapping his club in half and posing after a golf swing.
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