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which was your favorite major event from 2018?

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which was your favorite major event from 2018? 99 votes

Bart Royale
tapebelt 1 vote
Springfield jobs
168sean168johncolombobgfujinoflcc272andrewstew1344kidsandacatdogmystery2miFlounder1966Kattmattejaztee123the_stillerlucienleon51911EEveygypsymacgyversimpsonarecvax7lilmamasa3TheJuiceLoosenermirko_283hatchet669 24 votes
Itchy and Scratchy Land
jpt0320Deadshot_DCUCastiel_Toukempathy77jukan00cdepastchrisdirai146amaiolo78leepierce27bridiebhoyAirurandoPcaughtatworksomeonewasheresuperefrain7Razor049bluntcarddaved7637397sjsebayacc131VeggieGrungeR0x 19 votes
Moe’s Ark
LPNintendoITAshadcat4Willy9292MuhsterinoFornimmelsecinthiafer260genesis0514catkiniJJR2112zvernica0Brooders0 11 votes
Treehouse of Horrors
mallratcaljjnebula142chahoua_76j1320Canuck959kromkromkromshawn59736thatdonald845LisaSimpsonOHclayjar-fredstevedilge752organizmx66spyder1952850matulaboolaTwigletStyxsherri71366fastshadow2laughinggravyFrogFaeryGulliverJay 22 votes
A Simpsons Christmas Special
KeithEl777stingray1122ZennGlennfrosted1414Lobes06BrideOfFrank35Uddebo86ramrod130p3bowmancallumcmor23007abesimpsonpendyjohns77rw228krisspinkovs 14 votes
Donna4612icacic0901BongoPickleDamienL0002joniferouscrazychimpah39NewcastleniaArmpitAttack 8 votes


  • Springfield jobs
    I liked Springfield Jobs best. THOH & Christmas were good too. The rest, not so much. Although Moe's Ark and I&S Land did have some good premium content, the events themselves were underwhelming.
  • johncolombo
    11677 posts Senior Moderator
    Springfield jobs
    I liked the prizes from Jobs
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  • Treehouse of Horrors
    I voted for THOH, mostly for content. Lots of good money earning buildings and the digging thingy (I can’t remember what it’s called) gives out the occasional XP%.
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    Itchy and Scratchyland, strictly because we no longer need to load a separate game to get there now. Plus now all of the mascots are roaming around my actual Springfield. We had the biggest changes with that update.
  • Springfield jobs
    I missed those two events last summer though
  • Treehouse of Horrors
    THOH was definitely my favourite, although Springfield Jobs was a very close second.
    Thanks for posting the poll! @johncolombo :smile:
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  • johncolombo
    11677 posts Senior Moderator
    Springfield jobs
    THOH was definitely my favourite, although Springfield Jobs was a very close second.
    Thanks for posting the poll! @johncolombo :smile:

    It was @EllieGuseman idea but thanks
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  • Can someone jog my memory on Bart Royale as I forgotten :blush:
  • Springfield jobs
    Springfield Jobs!
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  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    Itchy and Scratchy Land was the best for me because I had so much fun designing with all that content as I never did bother with it when it was separate from SF.
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  • cvax7
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    Springfield jobs
    Absolutely the best one.
  • Taco
    I can barely remember any of them, except the latest Christmas one, but I don't class it as a major event. They all just kind of merged together for me, I think because I wasn't able to create event areas like I usually do, due to land token/land placement restraints.
  • 11EEvey
    3420 posts Member
    Springfield jobs
    I really liked the Springfield Jobs. I liked all the buildings and enjoyed the entire thing. Halloween was good and Christmas had the best animated jobs.
  • Springfield jobs
    Springfield Jobs takes the Gold. Itchy and Scratchy Land takes home the Silver, and Moe's Ark earns the respectable Bronze.
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  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    No more seperate Krustyland, along with 100 land tokens, I know it was rather unpopular with some, but was by far my favorite event of the year.

    Springfield Jobs would be a distant second
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  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    I&S are some of my fave characters in the game and the amount of land rewarded for that event was unparalleled. Though Jobs did have an awesome amount of characters available.
    Looking forward to what’s to come!
  • Springfield jobs
    No votes for bart royale lol. Itchy and scratchy land was a close second for me. Only because it allowed me a bunch of time designing a new theme park. I created a youtube video with the Springfield jobs event story.
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  • A Simpsons Christmas Special
    Difficult to choose. They all had good parts and not-as-good parts. I picked Christmas because it's the only one that didnt have a "bonus" area forcing you to pile everything togerther.
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  • A Simpsons Christmas Special
    did not need to spend donuts …
    but I did, because I could...
    but happy I did.. got stuff that was not in MY town before...

    Santa's Little helper... I still think of it as 29 years old... 2019 + 30 = 2019
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  • stingray1122
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    edited January 2019
    A Simpsons Christmas Special
    This is a close race between Springfield Jobs and A Simpsons Christmas Special in my book. The Springfield Jobs event story line was a lot of fun and I love the animations we got after crafting all the needed materials at the end of each act. However I give the edge to A Simpsons Christmas Special based on the characters released. Lee Carvallo and Young Marge are two of the best new characters we've got in a while. The Circus Acrobat and Deep Freeze are a lot of fun as a while. Plus I love how Cirque De Puree looks.

    Gold- A Simpsons Christmas Special
    Silver- Springfield Jobs
    Bronze- Treehouse of Horror XXIX
    Can someone jog my memory on Bart Royale as I forgotten :blush:

    Here's a quick summary. Mad Max Style event. Buildings: Mega Playscape, Scrap City, Junk Base.
    Characters: Pyro, Wendell, Erik, Hans Mechman, Sam and Larry (Moe's express promotion) Jeremy Jailbird and Mountain Man.

    Skins: General Bart, Lindsey Naegle, Outlands Maggie, Water Baron Burns
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