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Please help. Cant get on game

Hello everyone. I really need assistance here and I’m going to ask that you don’t just redirect me to other discussion pages with this issue because I’ve already read many of them (and tried what was suggested) and I’m still stuck. For over a week now my game is giving me the “you need more space to continue.” message. First let me say that the game was working fine and suddenly that happened. I have tried EVERYTHING. I’ve cleared space on my phone, I’ve shut phone off and rebooted, I’ve deleted and re-added the game. I’ve contacted EA directly and quite frankly their “customer service” is useless (an e-mail I sent a week ago is still unanswered, six direct contact attempts have not connected but they keep sending me emails to see if they can “further assist me.” I’m done trying to get help from them.
I’ve been playing TSTO since almost day one of its release. I’ve spent a LOT of REAL money on this game over the years. To suddenly be locked out and have no access with no real explanation is so frustrating and poor. Not only have I missed a huge part of the Christmas event, there’s just no hint of this getting resolved at any point in the future. So I’m here to ask: is there ANYTHING I can do???? Or am I now officially going to be done with this game? I don’t want to be done because I LOVE the game but if this is the end of the line because nothing can be done, I’d like to know.
Please offer any advice or info. I’m terribly frustrated and clearly EA isn’t going to help me.


  • What type of device do you use and how much free space do you have? An Apple device may need around 5GB free space to run the game. You may have already read the following thread which has info about clearing space etc.
    The most recent event, Christmas 2018, was much larger than usual as all items were given a snow effect. We should be getting a new update soon (possibly this coming week) that may remove the snow which would take up less space.
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  • I FINALLY got EA to help me and after a nearly 40 min call I’m back in. I don’t even know what the exact root of the problem was and I missed all the end prizes from the Christmas event 🙄😞 but I’m back in....phew.
    Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it!
  • Good to hear everything is working okay now :)
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  • Thank you. I felt awkward and a bit guilty how much time and effort I put into this because honestly it’s a game and there’s people who would think I’m spoiled rotten for being upset over it (plus I’m not a kid lol) BUT I love this game and have lots of years and money invested in it so I was bummed when I thought I was going to have to be done with it lol. This game makes me happy.
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