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which was your favorite major event from 2018?



  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited January 2019
    Can someone jog my memory on Bart Royale as I forgotten :blush:

    Also , what happened in all the other events?
    Voting for taco feels like you're throwing your vote away,
    But at least I know what taco is.
    These other options were totally unmemorable. Apparently.
  • Treehouse of Horrors
    THOH for me. Springfield jobs was a close 2nd.
  • A Simpsons Christmas Special
    Christmas, I loved not having to craft for stuff I will never use..
  • Bart Royale
    haha no love for bart royale, guess i'll show it some. this event had arguably my favorite gil deal ever, moe's express with the other barflies and one of the best visual tasks in the game. it's also the last event that had me making radical changes to my existing town. love my outlands region... i got really into designing it, and to make it work at the time, i had to create a new prison row and revamp my whole dump/scrap yard/recycling center area, both of which are nearby. i also blew up one of my last remaining original town designs because i couldn't resist using the damaged power plant skins in my outlands, forcing me to do a huge redesign job where burns' manor and the power plant used to reside.

    really though, most of content last year was great (gameplay is another matter...). while initially i wasn't keen on putting krustyland in my town, i ended up thoroughly enjoying the rebuild of a whole new amusement park. i had wanted a proper zoo for a while, and went all out with it, putting a jeep tour in and everything. destination springfield was one of the best events ever imo, and the springfield jobs sequel was almost as good... got creative and combined the british and italian stuff to make a Britaly part of town. always enjoy the thoh events, and this one was no different... lots of fun content (mob crowds!), and it allowed me to expand my egypt area. jury is still out on the xmas event for me, as i haven't designed with any of the content yet, but i did appreciate it not being too christmasy. and as someone else mentioned, young marge alone made it worthwhile. :grin:
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  • Treehouse of Horrors
    I voted THOH mostly because I always enjoy Halloween and it's still fresh in my mind, but if I'm honest it could've been scarier :smile:

    Bart Royale I loved because of the Outlands stuff, I really enjoyed the event a lot. They did introduce the bonus area thing, but first time around it was still different and interesting. They also introduced the awful land token thing in this act, but it wasn't clear in the beginning how very annoying that would become.

    Springfield Jobs, I did like it a lot, but I wasn't very interested in having little Italies or Japans in my town. Somehow it felt like there was just a lot of returning content, which I already had. Some nice content all the same, and I bought Sven Golly immediately, and don't regret it even though they flogged him off for donuts later.

    Itchy & Scratchy Land, well they blew up Krustyland and gave us a pile of land tokens. I didn't visit KL that often or spent much time making it pretty, but now I had an overload of amusement park stuff I didn't know what to do with. I used up all my tokens, but the new land wasn't enough even for the new rides. I did like the different rides from the acts, but I'd have liked to place them in KL instead of my main town. Loved having Itchy and Scratchy, didn't buy Maw Spuckler. I was lucky not to suffer too badly from the numerous glitched and terrible lag that plagued the event.

    Moe's Ark, I liked having a zoo, but like in the previous event I felt restricted by the land and item limit. Sarah Wiggum Yay, but Butterfly Maggie skin for cash? Really EA, really? That was a crappy deal. Didn't have any mystery boxes this round either. Good content, love the sheep.

    Simpsons Christmas Special, probably the best story dialogues in the game ever, but that's really all it was - four great xmas stories, but nothing really for you to do. Some really great prizes and plenty of premium characters. It was relaxed and easy, I really miss not having any music and the howling wind has made me tired of the snow.

  • Taco
    As Kroc.... stated, I liked them all. They were different than past events, but some of the mechanics became repetitive. Great new content.

    Although I do miss not dropping things in neighbors towns. Has the game gotten too big for neighbor visits?
  • @stingray1122 thanks. I remember it now
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    Itchy and Scratchy for the sole reason of 100 Land Tokens.
  • Treehouse of Horrors
    Went with the THOH event. 2017 THOH was lackluster, so the event for 2018 had a low bar but it didn't just clear the bar it sailed over it. Loved seeing the classic monsters...couldn't stop myself from buying the premium ones, didn't want any lonely monsters.

    Springfield Jobs was a close second.
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    For me it’s a tough call. I liked all the events, but I’m gonna go with Itchy & Scratchy Land as my favorite because it finally gave us that famous cat & mouse duo and also let us take Krustyland to the main Springfield, which I’ve always wanted since day 1

    I also loved Moe’s Ark because it gave me the Zoo

    Loved the Treehouse of Horror because we finally got the Universal Monsters. Always has great content.

    Springfield Jobs - I love the characters & buildings that came with this update

    Bart Royale - I actually liked this event. Don’t know why people don’t like it. It gave us the Outlands. A lot of cool characters, buildings & decorations

    Simpson’s Christmas Special - This is the one I liked least. Didn’t like the format & some of the characters should have been skins. The highlight here was Don Brodka. Been wanting him since 2012 the first Christmas event. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a task at the Try-N-Save
  • Moe’s Ark
    Ive always wanted a zoo in my town, I love animals!
  • Springfield jobs
    Springfield Jobs. Nothing else was comparable, though THOH was the best it's been in a long while too. But Jobs did absolutely have the best prizes and content.
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
    There was so much great content in 2018! All the classic monsters, great holiday decos. Love the tree lot and Mrs. Santa who interacts with the Santa house, the sleighs, great new animations. Love being able to have KL rides in SF. Love the tall pine trees. The Sea Captain’s house. Just a lot of really great stuff. EA did an amazing job.
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  • icacic0901
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    edited January 2019
    This game unfortunately doesn't give me joy anymore, so taco for me.
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