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What Changed with the State of Despair Update? (2/26)

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February 26th Update (4.37.5; State of Despair)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed back to normal.
  • 4 new colums and 3 new rows of land were added.
  • The decorations limit was increased to 13,000.
  • An indication of how much storage space is needed for Town Portrait was added in case the free space is not enough.
  • The Golden Goose Realty message "Congratulations! You've unlocked all the available land! The Golden Goose Realty will now earn grind currency at a premium rate." was changed to "You have enough Land Tokens to unlock all available land! The Golden Goose Realty will now earn grind currency at a premium rate.".
  • Golden Goose Reality now compares unlocked land and stored Free Land Tokens to determine when to stop earning Free Land Tokens.
  • The Food Needle was removed from the Businesses inventory group.
  • Lewis Clark's character groups were fixed: he was removed from the Regular Characters group and was added to the Premium Male group.
  • Alice Glick's character groups were fixed: her group "Adults" was corrected to "Adult" and was added to the Regular Female group.
  • Part of Alice Glick's Hand Out Mints and Lead a Party, Morty's Look for a Place to Live, Mr. Bergstrom's Sing Educationally, Angel Lisa's Give Proclamations on High and Deliver Divine Judgement, Kathy from Personnel's Take a Tea Break and Pitch a Knit Fit, Circus Acrobat's Wheel and Deal Around Town and Practice Death Defying Feats, Young Grampa Simpson's Peal Potatoes and Mr.s Claus' Paint Toys job animations was fixed.
  • With low memory, only the first 50 friends will be listed in the Springfield Heights Leaderboard.
  • Golden Opportunity Pt. 2 now requires MyPad to be completed.
  • Haunted Crossroads can't be placed on dirt road edge anymore.
  • In the Civil Servants, Gloria's offset position was reduced by 20.
  • Angel Lisa's Find Inner Peace Through Napping and Ms. Claws' Hiss at Merrymakers can now correctly be done at First Church of Springfield too.
  • Blue-Haired Lawyer was added to the Miscellany store group.
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