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Land Tiles

I’m really disappointed that 240 new tiles of land have been released with the new mini event, without any way of getting them if you missed the Golden Goose Reality, (which sadly I did, due to a vacation in the new year). I was already 190 short of getting a full set of tiles, now this is 430.

Doing the maths, with an average of 12 tiles per event, (none for this event though) this would take 36 events, or approximately 6 years, providing they don’t add more land in the meantime.

This is demoralising.


  • ZennGlenn
    1748 posts Member
    edited February 2019
    🤪Actually the hysterically illogical worst of it is the futility of granting UNUSABLE new land & items with no friggin ITEM LIMIT ADJUSTMENT!!! 🤪
  • They’re also giving out land tiles as the daily challenge big prize (for doing 5 or whatever challenges), but I understand your frustration. Hopefully they’ll give people a chance to buy Golden Goose Realty again. If I hadn’t read about it here on the forum I wouldn’t have bought it, I was just lucky.
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