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40X40 Land THX EA!


  • AAArnie wrote: »
    Where do I find how many land tokens I currently have?

    Go into edit mode, tap an unpurchased land tile and it will tell you how many you have. You can cancel the purchase if you want to. :)
  • Has anyone seen an updated map of the land squares? It was in like a spreadsheet format? That would tell us how many total squares

    Has anyone checked if there's a file for the Vault, and if the goose has been added to it?

    Otherwise i expect it'll come back next year when they do another theme featuring celebrity rappers.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
  • LPNintendoITA
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    edited February 2019
    they just completed the missing spots and added 3 rows and 4 columns. that's it

    no it wasn't added anywhere for now
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  • xdmIlfe.png
    Updated map
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  • Thank you @frosted1414 :)
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  • I have a lot of land both free and buying them. I don't need no new stinkin' land. I have tons of open space still to deal with, but, my birthday will be on November 20th, so iffin anyone is in the giving mood, please don't hesitate to gift me with land, or a blank signed check, and your solemn promise to stay away from your financial institutions for approx. 11 days to give ample time for your checks to clear, and after I get all of my new land, and a little extra cash to buy a private clothing optional island, I'll text you with the amount, so you won't go to prison for frauding your banks, and, thank you in advance for your kindness, and generosity!

    Signed, Anonymous
  • xdmIlfe.png
    Updated map

    Now EA just give us all that land in Springfield Heights.
    I NUKED my main town. >:)
  • AAArnie wrote: »
    Where do I find how many land tokens I currently have?

    You can only see them when you tap on land to purchase. But once you buy all of the land I don't think there is a way to see how many tiles you have saved.
  • zlevell786 wrote: »
    Does anyone know the total amount of land token squares? i.e. not including the tiles bought for cash

    Ok, looking at the map, I count 559. Is that about right?

    I have never bought a tile with a land token, so I just want to know how many tokens I can collect before GG stops supplying.
  • 592 landtoken spots from my count.
  • hatchet669 wrote: »
    592 landtoken spots from my count.

    Thank you 😊
  • dumnomnii wrote: »
    I’m really disappointed that they have released 240 new tiles of land, without any way of getting them if you missed the Golden Goose Reality, (which sadly I did, due to a vacation in the new year). I was already 190 short of getting a full set of tiles, now this is 430.

    Doing the maths, with an average of 12 tiles per event, (none for this event though) this would take 36 events, or approximately 6 years, providing they don’t add more land in the meantime.

    This is demoralising.

    Crud, I HAVE Golden Goose, and I still feel like I'm never gonna get all the land! Still tons of unpurchased tiles for me!

    Though I don't need the space - I already have tons of empty spots in my Springfield.

    That's because I have the world's ugliest and most cramped town! Shove everything you have into every available nook and cranny and ignore aesthetics and you can do it, too! :D
  • f0ystk.png

    The amount of redesigning possible is immense, as long as you keep within the decoration limit. My town already has swathes of gaps where I have moved areas to the first batch of new land. Anyone else with gaps now? It might be a thing.
  • Lobes06
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    I don't know why I still have doubts, since it seems straight forward, but I'll go ahead and ask anyway....

    Lets say one has Golden Goose Realty, has lots of land to still unlock, and isn't in a rush to acquire all the new land. Then there is no reason to ever use cash to unlock new land squares. Is that correct? I have some very expensive land plots still to open, and I have the option of using either cash or a token. Since I will continue to acquire tokens via GGR until I have enough to purchase all the land, then I should just use tokens to open the ones that can be opened via cash, since I'll still continue to earn land tokens at GGR.

    That right?
  • 1pillform
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    If the item limit isn't that high I probably won't be able to use any of the land.
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  • ramrod130
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    edited March 2019
    I unlocked all of the land except for one ocean piece and I got a notice that said I have unlocked all available land and the Golden Goose will now produce cash.. bummer!! I want to save up land tokens!! I wouldn't have rushed it with over 3,000 donuts if I knew that..
  • That is a bummer... I was going to save an ocean tile too. Wonder why it doesn't 'count' as available land?
  • That is a bummer... I was going to save an ocean tile too. Wonder why it doesn't 'count' as available land?

    I hope it's a glitch that will get fixed like when the 9 land tiles were available and there was a similar glitch..
  • The extra land is absolutely amazing. I've made new towns for Cypress Creek, Shelbyville and Capitol City. As well as a halloween area, mini Italy, mini England, Japan etc using the event items. And a new Krustyland/Itchy & Scratchy Land. All of them can be far from the main town, too, which is exactly what I wanted.

    Now for Springfield Heights....
  • P-dont
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    I want to hear from the guy who rushed bought every single land and ocean tile and had the GGR making money instead of extra tiles. Did the GGR go back to making tiles when since the update?
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