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Money for most all buildings not showing



  • Has anyone heard about when they are supposed to issue an update to fix this?
  • jukan00
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    posting in solidarity: It's happening to me as well, even after I stored the Finger Monument.
  • One of my couple of Nurse's Stations, from the Itchy and Scratchy Land event constantly has the icon to collect, even after it was previously collected. Usually happens when I synchronize to remove all the money and XP from the screen, because letting it all pile up and collect by itself takes too long.
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  • Avaguitar
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    I play on Blue Stacks which is more convenient since I get to play on the computer. However, it has a really annoying habit of occasionally crashing just because something came available to be collected.

    It's now doing this in concert with the above mentioned bug so that (for example) my 8 hour buildings will come available to collect, immediately crash the interface, and when I get back they'll all be totally reset. :(

    No income for me!
  • bon0me
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    Still having the issue with Golden Goose. Today I’ve noticed that the donut factory didn’t give me my 6 donuts. I can’t confirm (but have my suspicions) that it has happen a few days since this issue started.

    I contacted EA when I first noticed the issue, EA told me that they have added the missing tokens to my account but when I logged in there was no missing tokens added. When I emailed them back with my discovery they told me that this is now an technical issue they’re looking into. They haven’t responded to me with any answers of value just the standard thank you for playing cliche emails
  • My uneducated guess is that the randomness that people are seeing has something to do with the exact state of your town at the moment you attained the Sky Finger monument. That's the only way I can explain that some, but not all of my building reset when I synch to a neighbor. Also, some, but not all of my Lard Lad buildings are up for collection, furthering my suspicion.
  • Been having similar issues as most in this thread. Stored the finger of fate the first day with no change.

    Please fix
  • ramrod130
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    edited March 2019
    I did an experiment, yesterday I did the sky finger with all my buildings sitting for over 24 hours, characters at 12 hours. I collected about 13.2 mil. Today collected all manually with the buildings sitting for about 22 hours and characters at 12 hours. Today I got about 19.5 mil, about 6.3 mil more without getting anything from my 24 hour buildings!
  • Looks like at least 2 more week of living with this glitch since just a mini event is next.
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  • Working properly for me now after the update.
  • Not for me, still borks-up if I go to friends and back.
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  • After this latest update, Every time i go on to the game income tax and krustyland tickets are showing as available to collect just minutes after previously collecting.
  • Happening to me after I took sky finger down 4 days ago. Entire 100 white houses with no income but reset to 11 hrs 59 mins. What’s going on?
  • Not for me, still borks-up if I go to friends and back.

    My buildings were still doing the exact same after the first update. However, today's App Store update seems to have remedied that. :smiley:

    Have you downloaded the update and checked yours today? @frosted1414
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  • Hi @TwigletStyx yes seems to be all fixed up since the store update :)
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