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Why Classless Reunion is the best AND worst mini-event so far

Okay, first off I wasn't expecting another mini-event so soon, but I was disappointed with the prize track. I mean, no characters or buildings? Just skins and decorations? No thanks.

However, the event more than makes up for the lousy prize track (assuming you've got some donuts saved up) with the 700+ item mystery box. If you've been waiting for a sale to get characters like Barney, Professor Frink, or Scorpio, NOW IS THE TIME!

Just refresh the mystery prizes until you see the one you want (BONUS IF THE SCREEN HAS TWO OR MORE ITEMS YOU WANT) and you'll get it for a guaranteed 30-150 donuts.

My personal experience:
In the past 12-18 months I've saved up about 900 donuts. I used 840 donuts just today which landed me:

Barney's Bowl-O-Rama
Scorpio's Volcano Lair
Professor Frink's Lab
Happy Sumo with Akira
Zip Zap and Za with Wendell
Adil Hoxha (the fat Russian spy kid)
Sherri and Terri
The Sungazers (2 characters plus decoration)
Father Sean
Rabbi Krustovsky
Hans Moleman
Radioactive Man
and Kearney
...and several other buildings and decorations I got when my mystery box "goal" wasn't the first of the five prizes I won.

By my count, that's about 1700 donuts' worth of characters I wanted. Plus about another 1500 donuts' worth of the other stuff I normally wouldn't have spent donuts on.

Not a bad haul!

What was your experience with it?


  • Yearbook Mystery Box - the best that has been to date (for me). I had the opportunity to purchase game content and not wait for it for months (years). This made it possible to approach users who have been playing for a very long time, in terms of the volume of game content.
  • There is next to nothing happening to evolve the game or make it more interesting during the events.

    As long as they throw out items people are WhooHooing.

    A bit of a shame really.
  • I agree, I like the new mystery box a lot. But it shouldn't cover up the fact that the game play is really stale, and every event/mini-event is now the same. Send characters on 4 hour tasks, repeat, over and over.
  • I really enjoyed the last two major events. (THOH XXIX and Moe's Ark). Mostly because of the way they look and add districts to my town. The mini-events really seem like just a way to bide time until the next major event, but as long as the mini-events have new characters or buildings, I don't mind.

    For me, the fun part of the game is all about how to plan and design the coolest looking Springfield possible. New content is really just a way to enhance that (for me).
  • I'm super happy with the new "stuff" I have been able to get from YMB. I have been playing since the day the game was released in the US and didn't realize how much I was missing. I have to agree the gameplay is stale, but I still enjoy playing, getting new items and designing.
  • 4junk3000
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    I couldn't care less that the format has been mini events recently. I've been playing long enough to witness trends come and go. So I'm not worried. I anticipate change will come eventually, as it has before.

    But my primary objective in playing this game for what? 6 years, almost every single damn day, is to BUILD SF. And so the most recent changes to the game, (goose realty, 40x40 grid unlocked, and this YMB) have renewed my interest in the game better than a Flanders' baptism. I can't wait to get all the land and build new designs for all this loot i just procured. Some things I've been craving to add for years. I'm so stoked to get Hank Scorpio i never thought it would go on discount.

    Do i wish the writing was better? Less reliance on snarky breaking of the 4th wall? Yes, definitely. But i have to keep it in perspective. Not only has this game given me more hours of fun than ANY other video game, but anything i ever cried about not obtaining in the past, is suddenly available to me at a discount. Im counting my blessings that i never chose to quit.
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  • For me it’s terrible. I had every character already, just missed a couple of skins. I ended up spending 700 donuts to land Bartman, ninja homer the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ HQ and a bunch of decorations I already had because for SOME reason they thought they had to include them in the yearbook. Also what’s up with 150 donuts for the photo booth? Didn’t that seem a little steep?
  • jaythecanadian
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    Aside from the mystery box I had gone through already the other day (got everything out of it except left a few in there I didn't want)....don't care much for the minor event prizes itself except the boat. The boat should have been the first prize. I had already stored the prom limo after getting that.

    Going to skip the rest of the 3 remaining prizes. The character skin can be a pass for now....I'll get that some other time if it shows up in the Alter Ego mystery box next Thanksgiving event.

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  • Event=meh
    Box= great! I got 1 of the 7 characters I was missing. Thats a good day in my book!
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  • I'm thinking with a mystery box this massive of content they are seeing how much money is coming into the game. Mean... 30 donuts. They are practically begging for a purchase.
  • simpsonare wrote: »
    I'm thinking with a mystery box this massive of content they are seeing how much money is coming into the game. Mean... 30 donuts. They are practically begging for a purchase.

    Gotta make money some how even if a lot of us are doing donut farming.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • It wouldn't take much for them to liven up the game! I bet every one of you has an awesome idea that the programmers could implement in their sleep! I mean besides all the most simplistic items that would totally reinvigorate town building and longer and better storylines. They could add new elements no one expects! I know when I first decided to post something on here, it was me wondering if EA were receptive to new ideas or suggestions from us, the citizens of Springfield, and was basically told, "They go out of their way to avoid ideas and suggestions!" So, I never bothered. To me, a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from! For a company to so blatantly ignore, we the people, that make their pay cheques possible is beyond me. I've heard whispers from some of you that foresee the end of the games end draws near, which I really hope it doesn't, cause it's hard to find anything anymore that can make you smile with any consistency and this quirky lil' "time and money wasting" makes me happy! Well, hope you all are happy too!

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  • jmlgg
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    Well im happy with the Ziff yacht and i dont have any of the previously released limos so all good as far as im concerned
  • This was needed. Giving the new players access to the old content will excite them and make them want to stick around long term . Now they can focus on new content.
  • BallBox1 wrote: »
    This was needed. Giving the new players access to the old content will excite them and make them want to stick around long term . Now they can focus on new content.

    Hopefully it not mini event styles.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • "It was the best of mini events, it was the blurst of mini events."

    (this is what this post title makes me think of.) :D
  • petehd14
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    Now that I have over 400 playable characters I prefer skins and NPCs. Actually I reached that point at 300 characters. It's just too much to manage.
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