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How many tasks are now in your task book?



  • I got around 20 active atm and quite a few take the same select few characters.
  • Bought over 3,000 donuts worth and only have 20 tasks awaiting. I had most of the characters already, bought a bunch of NPCs and decos I guess.

    Wish I had 90 tasks awaiting!
  • Finished the quests part of the event so now getting through most of them, Down to about 30 now.
  • 22 and growing! I keep farming 30 donuts every couple of hours to buy more items from the mystery box !
  • I bought 73 items and have 21 tasks, not including the mini event

    After roughly 5 days, I only have 1 left. About 8 went right away, they were the "tap ______ N.P.C." So they were easy to clear out
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  • I got a few finished today and I’m down to 19. And YES most of them involve Lisa.
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