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Benches, Fences, Fountains, & Trash Cans; OH MY!!

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Another post prompted me to investigate a question that was asked. And so i made a few pics to illustrate my results.

Did you know that SprawlMart has a wide selection of fences/walls and trash cans? Really. Check it out:

This is all i could find between my inventory and the Store. One fence I know is missing is the Ornate Pier Railing, because it won't place on land. And one trashcan missing is the premium KL can with Krusty's head, which I do not have. You must really have some spare donuts to get those. Do you know of any I'm missing, without checking the wiki?

SprawlMart is also my SF's best source for fountains! I think they might have a spring sale soon, look at this selection in stock:
Do you know of any I'm missing, without checking the wiki? (I can think of one, which is premium, and it's pink.)

There's few better places to take a load off and enjoy a view, than sittin' on the dock of the bay... which is why that song is so popular!
Pick any one of these benches to sit for a spell. I'm sure they're all equally uncomfortable after a while.

Once again, test your memory, and try to think of any others that may be missing. sd4ztkjyhyq9.png

The problem with these items, is they're not all categorized the same. Even though the fences/walls have their own subcategory in the Inventory and Store, they aren't all in there. The leisure section doesn't contain all the benches either. And the fountains and trash cans are even harder to find, because they could be in Misc, Decorations, or just in the Full Inventory list.

The worst part, is that the Inventory doesn't have last selection memory like the Store does. When i purchased a few of these, even though the Store closed upon purchasing, it remembered where i had scrolled to. This was nice when i bought the Zenith trash can. But it was ridiculously tedious pulling all of the Sequenced Fountains from my inventory, because we must scroll from the beginning every time we place an item. Long term players know it wasn't always like this. They've made changes to how the scroll remembers where you were.

I tried to compensate for this by using the Group Storage Function. I bundled all my fountains, and you may want to do this too. Then they're all together in your homemade subcategory. Now i can see all the fountains in one place. That's kind of cool. But an Index would be better, EA!

This was a fun activity while waiting between tap sessions. It's good to get familiar with our inventory, now that they're so big n' full. I also Group Stored my little collection of sample fences/walls, because once the limit goes up, i may bring them back and build a fence store in my town. It's nice to shop from a complete catalog. Lol

Happy tapping!

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  • Certain buildings should have the ability to open up an interior space as an overlay which we can then design the content of.
  • mystery2mi
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    I love how you displayed the the walls, fountains and trash cans at Sprawlmart, neighbor! There really are a lot of them. You need to get Agnes out there asap to greet all of the customers that are going to be shopping for their spring gardens! :D
    I too have found the group storage function quite useful. What I like to do is group store the SH buildings in groups. When I want to RT farm, I bring them out until I'm done and then store them. That way, I don't have to look at them any longer than necessary and also keep the item count down.
  • Your artistic talent (and imagination) are truly amazing. :mrgreen:
    This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure.
  • P-dont
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    You forgot the big fountain.vju9unrr8dy0.png
  • 4junk3000
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    I am going to try coordinating my inventory using groups a little more, now that I've seen how helpful it was with the fountains.

    Scrolling through the inventory is getting tedious. There's a lot of stuff we cannot sell that I'll never use. Like streetlights. We have a bunch, but the first time i hit the max count, years ago, i removed all of them and have since considered them like phone poles or 5th fingers. They just don't exist in this world. Lol

    Thanks, Twig! Did you all have a chance to see my KL thread in the showcase? This thread is kinda informational, so i posted it here, but the other is just me showing my town, so i put it in SS where it's supposed to go. But it's not getting many views. I guess not many people are as into KL as i am. Poor Krusty! 😂 I love it though, I'm more motivated to design new stuff than in a long while.

    Hey P-diddly, thanks for mentioning that fountain i don't have it. I guess the whole Burns flooded mansion could count too. You got a cool design there. I wish we could blend the water features together easier. Or put boats in the lakes we make.
    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • P-dont wrote: »
    You forgot the big fountain.vju9unrr8dy0.png

    That design is awesome!
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