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Jockey Bart with Furious D

When will Jockey Bart with Furious D ever return? lol

Sucks that Jockey Bart with Furious D doesn't return in this useless mini event. Wonder if EA is saving them for some other time.

Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too


  • Right??

    Furious D hasnt returned ever since I've been playing straight since a update or two after wild wild west
  • Agreed 100%. It's so frustrating that EA repeatedly recycles some content while other content never/very rarely returns. This is a prime example - every other item in this update (except Toreador Grampa) has been available within the past year while Furious D and Jockey Bart have never been offered in the 2 years I've played.
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