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    Top Bet (1991). The Chinese title actually is The Sequel to Saint of Gamblers : The Hegemony of Gamblers. This HK
    film is marketed as the sequel to All for the Winner, the official English title of Saint of Gamblers, which featured Stephen Chow as the Saint of Gamblers.

    However Stephen Chow only appeared as a cameo and this film is about the Saint of Gamblers sister played by the late Anita Mui and another gambler played by the famous HK drama actress Carol Cheng.

    The film is not as good as Stephen Chow's films but is an interesting one due to the rare appearance of the two lead actresses together.
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    The Conman(1998). The Chinese title called this film Knight of Gamblers 1999. However the character inside is not the original character from the Knight of Gamblers film. Andy Lau and Nick Cheung acted in this. This film is less slapstick compared with the earlier films of the same genre. An average watch but good acting from Andy and Nick. And there is also a rare but tame passionate scene by Andy and Athena Chu, the pretty HK actress.
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    Aquaman (2018). Quite entertaining. Though it went by so fast and I thought it should have been longer.
  • 168sean168
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    King of Comedy (1999) A significant HK film in the career of Stephen Chow as he injected a level of maturity into this film with a good mix of comedy and sadness. Some said this film also depicted his struggle as an extra to an accomplished actor. This film is also the debut film of the most beautiful actress out of HK, Cecilia Cheung, propelling her into stardom during that era. A rewatch for me. A good watch.
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    Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) I feel that this is a better film than the first one. Also some cute Easter eggs to look out for. Overall an entertaining watch
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    Black Summer (2019). Eight episodes of either one hrs or thirty minutes zombie drama. I only like the Nolanish pilot episode. The rest of the story is rather inane. There are little small talks but scenes are still protracted. Characters are generally unlikeable. Make up effects are not great and there is little gore. The cinematography is good though. And some action scenes put you in the centre of it and yet, do not feel shaky at all. Overall, I am not looking forward to season 2.
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    IP Man 2 Legend of the Grandmaster (2010). The HK IP Man films, currently three of them are all so good. But part 2 might be my favourite due to the presence of Sammo Hung who also took part in the action scenes. This is a rewatch for me.
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    The Illusionist (2006) . A well made film with nice production sets. An above average watch.
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    The New King of Comedy (2019). Stephen Chow, widely considered as the King of Comedy in HK, directed this film. This film is the story about the trials and tribulations of a struggling actress. It is not a sequel to the previous film back in 1999 where Stephen Chow acted. This film has very little slapstick comedy but it has a richer storyline. It failed to elicit the same emotional response as compared to the 1999 film. And the actress is actually not pretty, which seems to be very intentional for the storyline. Overall it is still a watchable film but not memorable.
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    From Beijing with Love (1994). A blatant parody of James Bond. A HK comedy with Stephen Chow again. It has themes which I believe will not happen again in the current HK films after the handing over. The lady in this film is Anita Yuen and the late Pauline Chan Bo-Lin in the foreground. Entertaining and a rewatch.
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    The Conman in Vegas (1999). A sequel to The Conman. Chinese title called it Knight of Gamblers Vs Las Vegas. But this is not the same character from the Knights of Gambler film. This film has a more slapstick and sleazy tone as compared to The Conman, which was actually quite serious in some segments. I suspect it is part of the package of depicting Las Vegas. The sensual Taiwanese Kelly Lin acted in this. This is a film by Wong Jing, a famous HK director that makes nonsensical, sleazy comedies. He made quite a few of Stephen Chow's hits.
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    God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage (1996). This HK film is about the origin story of the God of Gamblers, who was played by Chow Yun Fat in the other films. In this film, the junior character was played by Leon Lai, a singer and an actor. One of the four heavenly Kings of HK at one point in the singing industry. This film really touches me at one point. It also has moderate comedy and actions scenes. It did have an obvious continuity error. But overall, this film is pretty good.
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    Road Kill (2019) A Korean thriller. Production value is not high but storyline and characters are still intriguing. An above average watch
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    Ultraman (2019) A 13 episodes Japanese animation series of about 22 minutes each. The story continues from the first Ultraman live action series back in the 60s. This is a terrific watch that gets better with each episode. The animation is also very good and fluid. This series should please fans of the Superheroes genre.
  • 4junk3000
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    Just watched Captain Marvel last night.

    Not bad, i like all the "strong female" over tones, but i don't really like the continued normalization of never ending war. I also don't appreciate their attempt to walk both sides of the humor line. Is it for kids or not. Choose. This had a lot of moments that might make kids squeal, but made my eyes ROLL. Interesting back story pieces being filled in though. Overall, decent.
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  • 4junk3000
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    168sean168 wrote: »

    The Highwaymen (2019). Good production set and acting. I did take the highway to slumberland a couple of times watching this. This is more of a drama than a thriller.

    Watched this a few nights ago. I really liked it. Costner playing an old hat called back to action, was a decent fit for his aging self. And Woody is great in everything I've seen him do.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
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    My Name is Nobody (2000). In Chinese, they called this The Saint of Gamblers 3: My Name is Nobody. However this HK film has nothing to do with Stephen Chow, who made the character, Saint of Gamblers, famous. This film is also not a slapstick comedy. In fact it is a rather serious film with tragic undertones. Good acting by Nick Cheung, who played a brand new gambling character. An above average watch. But too much shaky scenes in a couple of action scenes.
  • Arctic. Good flick. It's about a guy who is stranded in the Arctic after a plane crash, almost no dialogue, I like films like that.
  • mallratcal wrote: »
    Arctic. Good flick. It's about a guy who is stranded in the Arctic after a plane crash, almost no dialogue, I like films like that.

    Long ago I watched something similar called Alive. It was really good and emotionally draining
  • 4junk3000
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    Just watched Snowpiercer.

    Very interesting movie about the last bit of humanity living on a large train that never stops. It's a commentary on social caste, and how the poor get screwed while the rich party. Kinda creepy but i liked it though to recommend.
    All my designs look unfinished because i can't place as many plants, streetlights, and fences as i would like. PLEASE REMOVE THE LIMIT, EA!
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